How We Can Support and Give Back to Small Businesses

Supporting small businesses has never been more important.

Lynn Graham, Staff Writer

In the past year or so, small businesses have faced the wrath of the coronavirus. Many have closed down after going out of business due to the lack of customers during the pandemic. This showed us how easy it is for small businesses to lose what they have. Years and years of work have been destroyed since many were not able to leave their houses. It also showed us why it’s so important to support small businesses in your community. 

There are other reasons why you should help out small businesses besides the effects of the coronavirus. One would-be customer service. Oftentimes more prominent businesses’ customer service can be poor and inconsiderate. They deal with a lot of customers on a day-to-day basis. This can lead to employees sounding irritated, taking more time for you to get in touch with them, and them not minding much when a few customers are lost since they own a large business.

However, small businesses tend to receive a lot less attention. If they lose a few customers, it would matter much more to them. It’s more likely for their employees to be kinder as well, that’s why the customer service at small businesses tends to be better than big businesses. 

Buying from small businesses increases your chances of knowing where the product came from. They often show more transparency in what they sell than bigger companies. A lot of the products sold by small businesses are homemade, and it is nice to receive a gift from someone where you can tell they put passion into their work.

Bigger companies usually become much absorbed in the money they’re making over the products they’re selling. It’s tough to know what you’re buying when the business you’re buying from lacks honesty. When shopping, it is important to remember that quality is better than quantity, which is what you will be guaranteed from a small business. 

Now that you know why you should support small businesses, here are eight ways you can:

  • Share a post

Whether it be sending their post to a friend or reposting it on your story, sharing a post made by a small business can help spread the word and gain new customers.

  • Shop online

If the business you want to shop from has a website, put it to good use. The sales from shopping on their website would have great benefits for them.

  • Write a review

Writing a good review for the business means other people will see it and know it’s a good place to try out.

  • Subscribe to their website

Subscribing to the website of a small business you like means you can stay in the loop with everything going on with it. Plus, the subscription money goes to help out the business even more.

  • Post a picture

Post a picture featuring the small business and tag them in the post. This will help to further spread the word about them.

  • Tip generously

Tipping not only helps out the business, but it also shows that you care about the employees. 

  • Buy merchandise

Buying merch from your favorite small businesses not only gives you a new shirt to wear, but it helps out the business and spreads the word.

  • Treat employees with respect

Although you should do this regardless, it’s important to show kindness to employees. It shows you care and could make someone’s day.

Another way you can show your support to small businesses in participating in events like Small Business Saturday. 

Small Business Saturday is a day set to pay special attention and give thanks to small businesses. This year, it was on November 27th. This event has been going on since 2010, founded by American Express. 

Small Business Saturday is one of the busiest days of the year for small businesses. You can help out by finding small businesses in your area that participate in the event and visiting them on the day. 

There’s also something called National Small Business Week. Similar to Small Business Saturday, National Small Business Week is a time to give extra support to small businesses. This year, National Small Business Week was May 2-8. Next year, it’ll take place September 22-24. This event has been going on for over 50 years, since 1963. 

National Veterans Small Business Week is a week to take time to appreciate veterans and service members who are part of a small business. This takes place during the week of November 1-5. 

Here are three local businesses:

  • Sutton Center Store

Many students know this store as a place to hang out and buy snacks from. This is a familiar place to many people in Sutton, not just students.

  • West End Creamery

This shop has more to offer than just 60 different flavors of ice cream. There are different attractions like the bouncy pillows, mini-golf, and the autumn attractions like the corn maze.

  • Polly’s Antiques

Located right next to the center store, Polly’s Antiques has lots of cool trinkets to choose from. They sell antiques that can be purchased as a gift for yourself or somebody else. 

You will also have the opportunity to support small businesses during Sutton’s Chain of Lights on December 4th from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m