Mid terms and finals

Final tests are coming up!

Jacob Ford, Staff Writer

My topic is whether or not we should have finals and mid terms. In the 2020-2021 school year we did not have mid terms or finals. This year for the 2021-2022 school year we do not have mid terms or finals either. It is not just for Sutton,  it is for every public school in Massachusetts. In my opinion this could be very good for those who get bad anxiety during big tests. it could also be good because if you score a bad score on your mid term colleges might look at you differently.

You can’t please everyone, I’m sure some kids feel confident with big tests and like taking mid terms and finals because they feel like there going to do really good on the tests. For the kids that don’t, it’s kind of there problem because mid terms and finals have been a thing forever. The last couple years student have gotten lucky with mid terms and finals being canceled.

If I where to personally choose weather we would have mid terms and final tests I would say no myself, mostly for the reason being that I hate tests. And if it’s a test deciding weather I graduate from high school or not I’ll get very anxious and worried that I’m not gonna do well on it.

I’m sure if you were to ask a lot of students around the school they would agree with me and say how they get nervous for big tests also. If you don’t you must be very smart and that is a very good skill to have. Me personally big tests get me very nervous, and the thought of having to do good makes me do worse on the test.

If I where to ask students from other schools I’m sure they would agree that they don’t finial tests or mid terms either. If they didn’t require them for the last two years why would they start to do it again. I think they should just take it out of the graduation requirements forever.

In conclusion I think from a teachers stand point they’d want you to have the final tests so they can see if you payed attention to what they teach.   From a students perspective I bet almost all of them would say they don’t want finials and mid terms. I think this is because all of the students are worried about other schools they want to attend in the future judging them. Something we could do to reduce this problem is make the mid terms and final tests count less to get into college’s.