Terrifier 2

Better than the first?


Damien Leone

Terrifier 2 : The official thumbnail–In theaters starting October 6th, 2022

Marley Tambling, Staff

Terrifier 2 is a sequel to the 2016 film, Terrifier. Terrifier 2 is a horror/slasher film that has people from all over the country raving. The blood and gore has a lot of supporters talking about it, and has a core of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes

Some of the top critics reviewed this film. Joe Lipsett, a critic, said, “This slasher sequel won’t be for everyone, but the glow-up from the first film is impressive…”. James Crott, another critic on rotten tomatoes says, “The practical effects are admittedly impressive, both realistic enough to make even the most hardened horror fan squeamish, but also over-the-top in a way that evokes the cult hits of the earlier era it is trying to emulate”. 

The director of the two Terrifier movies, Damian Leone, has also directed The 9th Circle, All Hallows’ Eve, and Frankenstein Vs. The Mummy. The clown from the Terrifier movies, Art the Clown, has also appeared in All Hallow’s Eve. 

Terrifier 2 is rated Not Rated for mild sex and nudity, severe violence and gore, severe profanity, moderate smoking and substance use, and severe frightening and intense scenes. A person under the age of 17 cannot see this movie without a parent or guardian.

Terrifier 2 is a good watch for someone who has a high tolerance for gore, and for ride-or-die horror fans. This movie doesn’t make you think too much, which makes it a good movie for people who don’t like psychological thrillers. It’s like you’re going through this journey of Sienna and what happens the second time Art the Clown appears in Miles County, New York, as you’re watching the movie.

Terrifier 2 is not a good watch for people who get squeamish easily, because of its severe amount of gore. This is also not a movie for people who like psychological thrillers, because it doesn’t really make you think. As much gore that it has, the deaths can be dragged out a bit too much.