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This graph demonstrates the imbalance and inconsistency of information, and where it comes from. Social media has a surprising 18%.

Dear America: Why Don’t We Celebrate Intelligence?

Gabriel Johnson, Staff Writer May 19, 2022
This article details the lack of celebration of intelligence in America, and how we should strive for a more informed society.
Graph showing the recent increase in citizens getting most or all of their political information via social media. As social media is already known to be faulty and inconsistent, with a multitude of lies and incorrect facts, this is troubling.

Humanities Lack of Cooperation is Not Going Away

Gabriel Johnson, Staff Writer April 28, 2022
These are all culprits of a continuously divided society, that we as people must acknowledge and protect ourselves from.
Mars Rover newly engineered by NASA

Is Mars a Definite Future for Us?

Gabriel Johnson, Staff Writer April 11, 2022
Mars is a forefront of human expedition and advancement. However, is it necessary, or is it pointless? We are here to find out the true benefits, and if they outweigh the cost and resources.
Graph displaying the manufacturing job loss compared to technological production

How Technology is Against Humanity

Gabriel Johnson, Staff Writer March 24, 2022
The tech industry is one of the biggest double-edged swords in the history of humanity.
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