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Basketball was not always the same game we all know today.

The History of Basketball

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer February 6, 2023
James Naismith, a Canadian American physical educator, invented the game of basketball in 1891 in Springfield Massachusetts.
Kids have had to deal with bullying since the beginning of time, and this tradition shows no sign of stopping.

Dear America: Schools Aren’t Preventing Bullying

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer February 1, 2023
Bullying will forever be a problem, and it can't be solved by endless talks about why it's wrong.
How often do you read other schools newspapers in your free time?

Comparing School Newspapers

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer January 11, 2023
There is a lot you can tell about a school and its values based on its newspaper.
Documentaries and remakes about the life of Jeffery Dahmer take the top two spots of the most popular shows on Netflix.

Why do People Enjoy Watching Murder and Violence?

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer December 7, 2022
People enjoy the feeling of danger without actually being in danger.
Despite smart devices being everywhere, people still love to spend time in a great book.

The Books of 2022

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer November 8, 2022
Here are the most popular books in 2022, that these reading fanatics are enjoying: It ends with us, Verity, and Where the Crawdads Sing.
Take a look at the film rating system we all know.

The History of Movie Ratings

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer October 19, 2022
They created a ranking system consisting of five ratings, Rated G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17.
Start getting excited for the drama clubs first play of the year!

The Bold The Young and the Murdered

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer September 27, 2022
"It's a murder mystery, which is always fun to go see. It's also pretty funny, so hopefully everyone will get some laughs out of it."
Feild Hockey player, Emma Logue, takes pictures on the side line!

Varsity Field Hockey Season Preview

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer September 13, 2022
Great things are expected this season, as the scores are very prommising to start a winning streak this year.
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