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Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence on steroids. (ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions)

Dear America: The Development of AI May Actually Be Good

Matthew Graves, Staff Writer June 1, 2023
"When AI is programmed correctly, the room for error becomes obsolete."
School Lunch

The Quality of High School Lunches

Matthew Graves, Staff Writer April 8, 2023
...the important thing to note is that change only happens if people stick up to make something better.
Large class sizes bring issues to the school learning environment.

How Class Sizes Impact High School Students

Matthew Graves, Staff Writer March 30, 2023
They are much more likely to interact with the teacher, rather than listen passively.
These empty desks have the same impact that Day 1 AOT does.

Is Day 1 AOT The Right Choice?

Matthew Graves, Staff Writer March 18, 2023
Some students may use the time to study, but the majority like to use the time to refrain from doing
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