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The Sutton Sammies gather after yet another game, enjoying the camaraderie that only comes through sports

Dear America: Sports Make Good Relationships

Leo Colena, Staff Writer June 2, 2023
High school sports are where some of the strongest bonds are made
Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence on steroids. (ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions)

Dear America: The Development of AI May Actually Be Good

Matthew Graves, Staff Writer June 1, 2023
"When AI is programmed correctly, the room for error becomes obsolete."
Dear America: Working From Home, Is it Working?

Dear America: Working From Home, Is it Working?

Anthony DiGellonardo, Staff Writer May 31, 2023
More than half of the workers said they are less likely to take time off even if ill working from home.
Stoicism teaches one to think, reason, debate, consider, and accept.

Dear America: Bring Back Stoicism

Connor Bennett, Staff Writer May 30, 2023
In his eyes something by no fault of his own was nothing to dwell over
Billionaires Have an unfair amount of wealth

Dear America: The Wealth Gap Is Worse Than Ever

Jacob Cederlund, Staff Writer May 26, 2023
The top one percent of the United States citizens in wealth possess over 30 percent of the united states' wealth
What is better in general, Amercian football or World football?

Dear America: Soccer is better than Football

Jacob Prue, Staff Writer May 25, 2023
I personally believe that soccer is a better sport as well as a much more popular as well. There are four main reasons I believe this statement to be true.
Childrens Mental Health Matters!!

Dear America: The Mental Health of Younger Kids is Just as Important as Ours!

Sofia Pawlak, Staff Writer May 24, 2023
"Mental health-related emergency room visits among adolescents 5 to 11 and 12 to 17 also jumped 24% and 31%, respectively."
Man is seen covering his ears, avoiding the talk of others.

Dear America: Stop Listening To Others Opinions

Alyssa Chouinard, Staff Writter May 23, 2023
Your gut instinct will always have the answer.
The legend himself is reading a book in his free time.

Dear America: Make Time for Yourself

Timothy Zaluski, Staff Writer May 22, 2023
There should be a balance between socialization and solitude.
Crime Scene Investigators collecting evidence found at the crime scene.

Dear America: Crime scene Investigators are underpaid

Ava Spokis, Staff Writer May 18, 2023
So why shouldn't everyone have an equal chance to higher pay, not just based off of degree's and education?
A woman uses her iPhone to send a text message.

Dear America: Put Down Your Phone, And Talk Face-To-Face

Ethan McNickles, Staff Writer May 17, 2023
It’s not helping either that now it’s becoming even more accessible to kids at a young age, which inevitably leads to them being hooked for life.
Houston is known for its notoriously terrible driving experience.

Dear America: Get Cars out of Cities

Tyler Smith, Staff Writer May 16, 2023
"Without cars, cities would be completely walkable and cyclable. They would be multiple times quieter and safer. Carbon neutrality would be within reach"
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