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During the digital detox, students were expected to place their phones in the appropriately labeled plastic bin.

The Truth about the Phone Ban

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer February 16, 2024

Students at Sutton High are constantly being shamed and put down for their relationship with their phones by their teachers and other adults in their lives, the "Digital Detox" being a clear extension...

Dear America: It is Time for the Models to Go

Dear America: It is Time for the Models to Go

Elizabeth Reid-Eriksen, Staff Writer February 9, 2024

When is the last time you have opened up a fashion magazine and saw anything other than tall, skinny women, that, according to society, are beautiful? Although the diversity amongst the modeling industry...

Dear America: Dress Better

Dear America: Dress Better

Jahaira Castillo, Staff Writer February 2, 2024

Look around you. Notice how Americans dress. I'm sure you’ll see a lot of “casual” outfits. Many different kinds of outfits, but they’re all boring. A lot of sports wear outfits, especially,...

quality of life word structure

Dear America: We Have Lost Our Quality of Life

Marina Astrella, Staff Writer January 26, 2024

What is quality of life? Why do I need it? The perfect balance of life is simply not attainable. You can't have perfect health, society and government. You can't have a perfect world. That is simply...

The constitution was drafted in 1787 and we have to keep it relevant.

Dear America: Should Civics Class Be Taught?

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer January 19, 2024
The subject of civics class in today's world is often a confusing one that leaves many people confused about the purpose of the class.
Students walking at a college graduation

Why college is worth it

Ryan Doolin, Staff Writer January 16, 2024

After high school, there are many options people can choose such as going to college, pursuing a technical career, starting a career, or enlisting in the military. While recently college has been the most...

Fancy expensive bags.

Dear America: Stop Caring About Brand Labels

Alexis Gemme, Staff Reporter January 5, 2024

There have always been more favored, or popular, clothing choices. Sometimes, they change over the years, sometimes they do not. It’s not even just clothing. The amount of people who seem to be bothered...

Philip enjoys reading a book during his time without a phone

A week without my phone, an honest study of living low tech

Philip Ostrowski, Staff Reporter December 11, 2023

My phone reports that on average, per week, I spend around three hours each day on my phone. I took it upon myself, after the suggestion of Mr. Loss, to go one whole week without my phone. The limitations...

Broken hearts.

Are Broken Hearts Really Broken?

Alexis Gemme, Staff Reporter December 7, 2023

What is the reality of a broken heart? It is called broken heart syndrome , and usually, it occurs because of stressful or traumatic events. It is often a temporary syndrome, not lasting long, only about...

This photo shows that passive aggressive behavior lies within.

Dear America: stop the silent judgment

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer December 1, 2023
When I think of a problem in today's society, one of the problems that come to my mind is the large amount of unvocal hate/judgment that exists in today's society. 
Young children playing baseball

Dear America: Pro Athletes have a positive impact on the youth

Hunter Miller, Staff Writer November 17, 2023
Athletes are often looked up to as role models by children
Vaping in school has become very common.

Dear America: Vaping In Schools Should Have More Consequences

Sarah Gouvea, Staff Writer November 3, 2023

Vapes in school have become more common, especially in the locker rooms and bathrooms. Everyone knows that it happens, both students and teachers. If one says it doesn’t happen they are either lying...

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