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Edward, Bella, and Jacob

Dear America: should Bella have ended up with Jacob or stayed with Edward?

Marley Tambling, Staff Writer January 25, 2023
If Jacob and Bella did end up together, it would only be a matter of time until Jacob imprints on someone, and if he imprints on someone, then he will be compelled to leave Bella, and get together with that person eventually. 
Terrifier 2 : The official thumbnail--In theaters starting October 6th, 2022

Terrifier 2

Marley Tambling, Staff January 3, 2023
"the glow-up from the first film is impressive"
Santa encouraging us to all help out and give this holiday season

Shop Till You Drop… For Those in Need

Macy Hutchinson, Staff Writer December 21, 2022
Many websites help people in need. You can help just by buying. The more you buy the more you help.
BeReal has been getting popular recently, but will it continue to grow or last?

Are You Being for Real on BeReal?

Sarah Mendoza, Staff Writer December 20, 2022
Supposedly, BeReal is "anti-Instagram" because you are only allowed one picture each day.
Christmas over the years

Christmas over the years

Julia Hemingway, Staff Writer December 19, 2022
Think about the last time you've seen a Christmas caroler...
Swifts new album is breaking records for streaming, and continues the Swifties passion for discovering the truth behind the songs.

John Mayer Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve Stayed Away From Taylor Swift

Katelynn Graham, Staff Writer December 8, 2022
One of these songs, “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve,” is theorized by many fans to be written about John  Mayer.
Documentaries and remakes about the life of Jeffery Dahmer take the top two spots of the most popular shows on Netflix.

Why do People Enjoy Watching Murder and Violence?

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer December 7, 2022
People enjoy the feeling of danger without actually being in danger.
The Used

Emo Music during its Golden age vs. Now

Marley Tambling, Staff Writer December 5, 2022
Emo music is something that can reach people who like rock and pop music
The Celtics and the Bruins have been white hot to start the 2022-23 season.

Boston Sports Start the Season in Historic Fashion

Evan Hughes, Staff Writer December 5, 2022
It's a great time to be a Boston sports fan.
Fact or Myth Sign Against a Black Brick Wall Clipart

Myths Your Parents Probably Told You

Macy Hutchinson, Staff Writer December 2, 2022
It seems most of us were told the same fables, so I am going to be setting the truth free. 
A piece from The Borowitz Report, a liberal-leaning source of political satire.

When Does Political Satire Go Too Far?

Alexander Woodcock, Staff Writer November 21, 2022
Truly good satire is only concerned with truth.
Will Mac Jones lead the Patriots to victory? Or will they crumble?

Fantasy Football

Julia Hemingway, Staff Writer November 16, 2022
If you want to know how intense it can get just ask the people who finish at the bottom of their league.
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