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Humans can now edit DNA, what will come of this?

Scientists can now play God

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer June 10, 2024

Scientists now can edit our genomes and the structure of our DNA. Why is this important? And, can playing god cause more harm than good? DNA is our body's instruction manual for life and is in charge...

Two Students Walk Into a Podcast: Episode 15

Two Students Walk Into a Podcast: Episode 15

Cameron Loss, Editor/Teacher June 7, 2024

The podcast returns for a brand new episode! Siblings Sarah and Marcos Gouvea talk about how music affects them, how it helps them, and how it even helped them learn English as they transitioned from...

Mrs. Senecal keeps the high school running smoothly despite multiple tasks and interruptions.

The Pillars of a School District: The Office Secretary

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer June 6, 2024

Managing a school is a difficult and arduous process that requires a special group that together makes the system work. To achieve this goal, schools employs a group of workers to assist in the management...

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius was a very disruptive force, how did text survive?

AI unlocks history

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer June 5, 2024

Located in an ancient city near Pompeii in Italy rests the ruins of a large ancient Roman villa. When researchers were excavating the ruins they came across various logs of coal neatly placed in a stone...

Lyla Carlsen and Elle Dwyer were in their gowns and ready for the show!

Sutton Drama Club attends the TAMY awards

Lynn Graham, Staff Writer June 4, 2024

On Sunday, June 2, Mount Wachusett Community College held their 17th annual TAMY awards celebration. For the first time, the Sutton Drama Club participated and was represented by Cameron Loss, the club's...

(Deisa Tremarias)

Ice Breakers–make or break the conversation?

Gwyneth Johnson, Editor June 3, 2024

Icebreakers are the true phenomenon of the current world, used in business, meetings, greetings, and social activities. They are a tool designed to be relative to the group that they are being used in....

Opinions on Our Digital Detox

Opinions on Our Digital Detox

Jocelyn Klinghard, Staff Writer May 31, 2024

As many Sutton High School students and teachers know, our participation in the two-week "Digital Detox" (February 2024) has been a very controversial topic. I've heard several different views on this,...

Things I Think

Things I Think

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer May 30, 2024

Baseball, soccer, and basketball players are overpaid. Hockey players, fighters, football players, and other large-contact sports players are paid fairly because of the physical toll on a person's body...

Fun fact about teachers at our school

Fun fact about teachers at our school

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer May 29, 2024

I wanted to find out about some teachers throughout our school district, so I asked them to tell a fun fact about themselves that not many people know the results were very fascinating and very informative...

Got Milk?

Got Milk?

Abrielle Choma, Staff Writer May 28, 2024

Why is dairy slowly being snuffed out of everyday life? For quite a while, new plant-based substitutes have been surfacing. Everything from oats to hemp is being made into “milk.” The consumption...

The podcast returns with the latest episode from Season Three!

Two Students Walk Into a Podcast: Episode 14

Cameron Loss, Editor/Teacher May 25, 2024

The podcast finally returns! In this episode, two Boba Tea enthusiasts (Macy and Ava) talk all about Boba Tea. What is it? If you know, you know, and if you don't, listen and learn. Thank you for...

Meet the Candidates for School Committee

Meet the Candidates for School Committee

Staff May 24, 2024

SuttonHighNews conducted an interview with each candidate running for the School Committee. Our goal is to provide a more comprehensive look at each candidate so voters can make an informed decision. SuttonHighNews...

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