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Humans can now edit DNA, what will come of this?

Scientists can now play God

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer June 10, 2024

Scientists now can edit our genomes and the structure of our DNA. Why is this important? And, can playing god cause more harm than good? DNA is our body's instruction manual for life and is in charge...

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius was a very disruptive force, how did text survive?

AI unlocks history

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer June 5, 2024

Located in an ancient city near Pompeii in Italy rests the ruins of a large ancient Roman villa. When researchers were excavating the ruins they came across various logs of coal neatly placed in a stone...

This rendering displays the tech at work.

Solar power collected from space?

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer March 26, 2024

Solar energy is a very important means of generating power safely and in an environmentally friendly way. Solar panels, which gained popularity around the 2000s, can be praised as a scientific lifesaver...

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