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The football season has been rough as the team has struggled to a 1-5 record. Coach Moseley and the team will tell you, however, not to judge them by their record. They are competitive each week and have been close in all but one game.

This is a change from the past, and we sat down with Seniors Briant Johnson and Jacob Corrente to get their thoughts.

SHS News: How has the season been so far?

Briant: We started off with a tough loss (Nashoba, 22-14), a real nail biter, and we’ve been in every game so far, but we’ve been missing that little spark. I think we have a great chance this weekend.

Jacob: After this week we have Maynard which is our last official regular season game. We play two additional games to fill out the schedule. Hopefully we can win the final games to give us momentum. Hopefully we have a big win on Thanksgiving Day.

SHS News: What have you learned this year?

Briant: We have learned, thanks to our new coaching staff, how to put in work. We learned some of that freshmen year, but we did not have that camaraderie. As freshmen, we had to play varsity and survive.

Jacob: My experience was different. As a freshman, I did not really feel a part of the team. The practices were separated, and we felt divided. With Coach Moseley, he brought unity to the team. Everyone practices together, and we work, both varsity and JV, as a team.

SHS News: How have things changed?

Briant: Our coach came from a program that he built with his own hands, and he brought the same intensity and drive to this program. You can see the difference in how we play, the intensity he (and his coaching staff) bring to the team, and how we never take a play off even . It has made us better players and men.

SHS News: What will happen going forward?

Jacob: Coach Moseley has clear expectations. He wants us to work hard every day. Our record does not reflect the type of team we are. We are not getting crushed, we are competing, and we have a true chance to win. Our first years we were not competitive, but that has changed. I think small mistakes that happened this year will be eliminated in the future. We will be a serious contender year in and out.

Briant: I think Coach has changed the culture, especially creating the JV team to help build the future. We only played freshmen teams when we were varsity, but our JV team is playing true JV teams and it will show up later. Next year might be a building year, but they will be a contender and a consistent force to be reckoned with.

The varsity’s next game is Saturday against Nipmuc to be played at Millbury Jr/Sr High School. Kickoff is at 2 p.m. We hope to see you there!!

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  • Noah with the pick six!

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