Will Billionaires in Space Help us?

Space exploration or parties in space?

Will Billionaires in Space Help us?

AJ Oliver, Staff Writer

Billionaires now seem to be acting in infantile manner. Jeff Bezos also known as the former richest person on the planet according to research done by Forbes magazine recently, has piqued interest in the race to space among ordinary people. The race was between Tesla founder Elon Musk and his SpaceX program and Bezos’s Blue Origin company. Who’s to be the first billionaire to have an internet satellite service in space? well according to Bezos as explained in his Fireside chat on re:MARS 2019 project “Kuiper” is just that. Bezos goes on to explain how “Project Kuiper” Is the goal of thousands of satellites in low earth orbit that to allow high speed internet to countless people all over the world.

Elon musk on the other hand has a lot more interest in making life multi-planetary. Musk and his SpaceX have had advancements on their “Starship” as they call it, which is a vehicle to transport around 100 people to Mars. Musk plans to colonize the red planet with “greenhouse designed” “habitats”. As explained in his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, musk is confident that he can have the first humans on mars by 2026.”its a goal achievable with the right amount of time and support”.

I conducted a Q&A at Sutton High School and asked students and staff about their thoughts on the subject. One student said “the purpose of space travel should be for exploration purpose, not reason for the rich to break cool records”. Another said “we should try and colonize other worlds so we can expand humanity for future generations.” Most students said that they should focus space travel for the benefit of the world and not for entertainment.

collective opinion 

  • – “Doesn’t really serve any purpose. the purpose of space travel should be more for an exploration subject instead of the rich partying in space. focus our tax dollars on something that isn’t just for other peoples shear enjoyment.”
  • – “Good because they have the money to do it. should have a way to bring up ordinary people. find a way to colonize other planets”. thought on musk trying to get us to live there? “the government should have restrictions on Musk’s space endeavors so he can’t claim planets or any other outrageous idea that may come to his mind.”
  • – Mrs. Brousseau  “I think that money could be better spent elsewhere. otherwise don’t give a (expletive) what they do. may negatively effect space programming. i think we need it to be for exploration, we need to focus on earth instead of moving it to space.”