Should any of the bathrooms at the school be locked

Stop the vaping!

Jacob Ford, Staff Writer

My topic is whether or not the bathrooms around the school should be locked. The reason the bathrooms are locked is because Sutton high school just like every other high school has a problem with vaping. Not only that but kids sometimes go to the bathroom to get out of class work. In my opinion why should the kids that want to be in class and learn have to take their time out of class to walk to the further bathroom.  This could be a problem for the kids that want to use class time to get classwork done. they could miss getting a homework assignment or something like that. vaping can affect their school behavior and also the other kids behavior. Another problem is that as we get newer ways to vape it gets into kids younger kids hands. A way we could stop this is to put medal detectors on the doors on the school and the bathroom. Even though it is nearly impossible to stop people from vaping in high school right now, I’m sure once the long term effects are known I’m sure everyone will stop vaping.

The only other reason why the bathrooms would be locked is because of vandalism. Middle school kids and high school kids sometime get a nice laugh out of vandalizing the bathrooms even though it’s not funny. These same kids tend to get mad when they don’t have freedom to go to any bathroom they would like because they are now locked. To solve this problem my coulmake the vandalism punishment and suspension, and the person who vandalizes it should have to pay   for what they have damaged.

After talking with our assistant principal Brian Laporto he said the reason that all the bathrooms are open again is because the vaping problem was just spreading to more places. What he means by this is when the one bathroom is locked, that everyone wants to go in it tends to make then find a new hangout spot. By finding a new spot that means that other people have to see it and it makes them uncomfortable. This is not fair to the people who go to the bathroom to use the bathroom.

In conclusion to this article I think for the bathrooms problems of vaping and vandalism they could hire a teacher to be in the bathrooms at all times just to make sure nobody is doing anything wrong. This would in my opinion be a good way to stop vaping in the bathrooms. It may help improve everyone improve there grades even more. Most importantly It would help the kids that do vape stay in class more if they didn’t get the urge to vape.