Dear America: Protest on your own time

Is this new bill heinous or helpful?

Marissa D'Agostino, Staff Writer

Earlier this month the Florida state senate passed a bill that was dubbed the “Don’t say Gay” bill. The bill would prohibit classroom discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity from grades pre K through 3.

It would also prohibit teaching in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students. This gives parents the right to know their children won’t be given sexual education from the age of 9 and below.

The bill has been met with extreme backlash. Hundreds of students from all over the state organized protests against the bill. Many arguing that it’s homophobic and harmful towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Many are believing the misconception that the bill means that students with LGBTQ+ family will be banned from talking about them or that teachers will ban any talk about the LGBTQ+ community by the students and teachers.

However, that’s not true. The bill clearly states that it will prohibit any discussions in a manner that aren’t developmentally/age appropriate. Are lessons based on sexual orientation or gender identity appropriate for 4-9 year olds?

Michael Buckner

The most popular protest was attended by Disney employees. They organized a walk out protest because The Walt Disney Company’s statement regarding the bill doesn’t address the threat to the LGBTQ+ community.

Bob Chapek, the CEO of TWDC, was being ridiculed for also donating to senators for and against the bill. Chapek spoke out explaining how Disney is a huge advocate for LGBTQ+ right and have donated 3 million dollars in 2021 towards LGBTQ+ organizations.

Disney does so much for the community and it’s upsetting to see employees protest and threaten the CEO over a bill related to parental rights and education. Does Disney belong in a political issue based on what kids are being taught?