Sammies Golf 2022 Mid-Season Review

How are the boys handling the pressure?


Evan Hughes, Staff Writer

As we move further into the school year, we also move deeper into our sports season. Obviously golf is not an exception to the rule, and thus I believe it’s time to review how they’ve been doing. After a blazing start against some top notch opponents the team has slowed down quite a bit. A combination of fatigue and opponents playing above their usual level has halted the Sammies  progress.

The team is a bit older than years past, with five seniors and five juniors, and thanks to their optimism hopes remain high despite the recent dry spell. This optimism is a theme of the season for the team as both players and fans, as the golf team has also been consistent in attending other athletic events throughout the fall.

With the golf team “bleeding green” for the Sammies and Suzies, I wondered how the fans can support them, seeing as their games aren’t played at the school during the season for obvious reasons. Just because they don’t play on the campus, however, doesn’t mean we can’t support them.

Home games are played at Blackstone National Golf Club on Putnam Hill Road. It is affectionately referred to as “The Valley” by the team. The Sammie faithful have been formally asked to “Pack The Valley” by many members, and I, for one, intend to honor their earnest request.

Sammies golf is rocking a 6-6 record on the season at the time of writing. Senior Captain Leo Colena has been stellar throughout the season, with a low score of 38 against Hopedale early in the year. Leo’s excitement for the season cannot be overstated, as the team looks to compete for a district title.

“I’m feeling great” he said, and when asked how fans can help support the team, Leo proudly told me, “All fans can come, you just gotta be respectful of the rules, but, I mean a packed out golf course, I think, would be electric.”

He also had some heartfelt words in regard to being a captain this year. “It feels great, you know, I feel respected enough to be captain. I mean, Matt Graves, me and Matt, basically the 1 and 2 [players] we like to help out the younger guys and just better the squad so that when we leave, they’ll have an improved team and can carry the legacy.”

I wanted to know more about how they help the younger guys, and Leo was happy to inform me, “We’re just working on the putting green… because scores are made on the green, so when kids are putting and chipping I like to give them tips that I learned when I was learning how to golf that helped me a lot.”

He also had some words of gratitude to his mentor and a Sutton Alum, Jack Moy, “He taught me how to golf when he was a senior, and I like to carry that down to the younger guys”

Their next game will be played against Nipmuc at “The Valley” at 3:00 today. Pack “The Valley” as we politely applaud the team to victory.