Meet Mr. DeCaire

Shea Blanchard, Staff Writer

Coming into this recent school year, there were several new additions to the Sutton High School staff. One of the newer staff members is assistant teacher Jonathan DeCaire. Mr. DeCaire was a former student here at Sutton and joined our staff during last year’s hybrid schedule. I sat down with Mr. DeCaire and asked him a few questions about his current position and his experience teaching here at Sutton. I wanted to get to know him a little better and explain why people like Mr. DeCaire are necessary for this school. 

First I wanted to know when Mr. DeCaire became a part of the Sutton High School staff. “Last year at the beginning of the year I came on as a sub (substitute teacher) during COVID; it was hybrid so I would sub in. This year I am a full-on instructional aid.”

I also asked about his first impressions of the school as well as our students and staff. “I came here not too long ago so my first impression was that it’s a little weird to be back.”

Since this was my first time meeting with Mr. DeCaire, I asked him what he does at Sutton High School during the day. I wanted to know how he helped students as well as his favorite part of the school day.  “I do my best to help out students; math is really my go-to subject, so that’s what I’m best at when I help students but any other things that come up I try to help the best I can.’. Mr. DeCaire needed some more thought on the second question, however. “I wouldn’t say I have a favorite part, it’s all just a good time being here. Love all the teachers, love all the students”.

I also asked Mr. DeCaire some unorthodox questions about his life and future here in Sutton. I asked what he believes his life will look like in five years, whether he would stay in Sutton or do something else. “Well in five years hopefully I will graduate from college so realistically I don’t see myself here but you never know. I may love it so much I don’t want to leave.”

For my final question, I wanted to know a bit more about Mr. DeCaire. I asked him what is one thing nobody would guess about you that you would want people to know. “I mean it’s not that hard to guess but I guess I’m kinda a big nerd. I love math, I play a lot of video games and now I’m helping out with the Esports team.”

I am really glad I got the opportunity to sit down with Mr. DeCaire and ask him some questions. It’s good to see how many new faces appear between school years and seeing what they do to help our school. Teachers like Mr. DeCaire are more necessary than some people think. It might seem like since assistant teachers don’t teach their own class that they don’t teach at all, but some students’ academic success relies on these types of teachers. With younger teachers like Mr. DeCaire, many students can relate to him and find themselves less stressed and find learning easier when being helped by him. We need to show more love and appreciation for these teachers because they are just as important as any other staff member.