Meet Mrs. Harn

Patrick Kostiw, Staff Writer

Recently, I sat down with Nicole Harn who is new to the Sutton High School Community. Mrs. Harn is an Adjustment Counselor and has already made a great impact. Walking down the hall, Mrs. Harn is always greeting people as she is very friendly and is a great addition to the Sutton High School staff. 

You may not know what an adjustment counselor does, so I asked a variety of questions to get to know her better. First, I asked her what an adjustment counselor does on a daily basis. “I have meetings with staff members and I check in with students on their mental health and well-being to make sure students are adjusting well with the school year.” 

Mrs. Harn’s passion is always being there to help students no matter the situation. She is available to talk whenever you need her and that reliability is very helpful for the students. Whether you are struggling with something in or out of school, Mrs. Harn is always there to help because your mental well-being needs to be taken seriously. 

Mrs. Harn has had a great start to her year at Sutton High School. “Everyone has been so nice and welcoming. All the students and faculty have been so helpful with finding my way and I have had a great time adjusting so far.” Mrs. Harn has been thrilled with how the Sutton High School Community has accepted her and she hopes to form many more connections.

Outside of school, Mrs. Harn says she loves the outdoors as she loves to be adventurous with her family. A fun fact about Mrs. Harn is that she has gone skydiving multiple times. She loves nature and enjoys kayaking, skiing, and anything outdoors.

If you are wondering where to find Mrs. Harn, look for her in the transition room, Room 271. You can contact Mrs. Harn by her email, [email protected], or if her door is open there is a good chance she is available. Remember, she is there to help you out and will always make time for you.

I appreciate the time I was given to interview Mrs. Harn to learn about her as a person and what the adjustment counselor does. I hope her transition to the Sutton High School Community continues to progress as the school year continues.