A Change For Everyone

“A global pandemic took over the world”


Alexander Ramos

How long do we have to wear masks for?

Carolina Paula, Staff Writer

A global pandemic took over the world and completely changed lives around the world. Multiple people lost their jobs, houses, and loved ones. Schools shut down along with businesses and people were in a deeper state of poverty. 2020 was a year like no other. It has affected lives in bad and good ways. People have separated and isolated themselves against each other. Political views mattered more than ever. People were worried that America was becoming more of an isolated country instead of a united country where we get along with each other. 

As the pandemic wore on, politics became more important, and more people got involved because they had time to think and do more. Many started to mistrust their governments and outbreaks happened, affecting everyone and their views about the United States. One’s stance depended on relationships and their views against other people. 

Republicans and Democrats disagreed on pretty much everything: masks, vaccines, etc. Most of the population was having problems with their families, health care, and family losses. There was a mix of people taking this pandemic seriously and some did not because nothing like this has happened before. 

Routines quickly changed. No one would have expected this. Last year, students, teachers, and workers in different fields had difficulties because everything was limited. People were instantly isolated, trying to keep themselves safe by limiting human interactions. The United States reacted as anyone would but everything transformed and changed every aspect of the world. 

After a year of masks and everything being virtual, everyone was getting to a peak of their life where no one thought it could get better. The pandemic caused multiple outbreaks and about 42% of employees worked from home. We felt imprisoned because everything was done at home. For a while, we adjusted but people were soon tired, unable to stay home anymore.

COVID-19 isn’t gone, but how long will this keep going on? Will everyone get along with each other without divisions? As we go into another year with COVID on our backs, I wonder what will happen next year.