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Dear America: Homework is not beneficial in schools anymore

The downside of homework in schools…
High school student stuck with a lot of homework
Caitrin Blake
High school student stuck with a lot of homework

Homework has long been a long-standing practice in the education system, with the idea being that it reinforces learning and helps students succeed. However, new evidence suggests that homework may not be as beneficial as once thought.

Homework has been a common element since it was first introduced in 1905; however, this more than a hundred-year-old practice may be outdated in modern times.

Homework is Stressing Students Out – Westwood Horizon
Graph showing teens stress levels from homework. (Chloe Boyd)

Homework can be bad for students’ well-being. The pressure to complete assignments at home can lead to stress, anxiety, and even physical health issues. With the increasing demands outside of school with sports, jobs, and many other things, homework can amplify these issues and negatively impact students’ mental and emotional health. This can lead to massive amounts of stress which can be very detrimental for teenagers.

 The effectiveness of homework in reinforcing learning is questionable. Research has shown that the link between homework and academic success is not as we believed. Some students may not have access to the resources they need to complete homework assignments, leading to poor grades for not completing the assignments.

Furthermore, homework can contribute to disadvantages in learning. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds may face more challenges when completing homework, widening existing gaps in learning. This can widen the achievement gap and create division within student’s education. 

A source of stress: why homework needs to go away – Knight Life
Pie chart on how much time is spent on Homework a night.  (Hank Perkins)

Also, the time spent on homework could be better used in other ways. Students could use their after-school hours to pursue their interests and passions through activities and hobbies, or simply rest and have a good time with friends. These experiences are important for social development and can help to better students’ overall well-being and personal growth. By reducing homework, schools can help students to explore their interests and create a balanced life.

Technology has changed the way students access learning materials. With online resources, educational apps, and interactive platforms, students have greater flexibility in how they learn. This change challenges the traditional use of homework and helps teachers to explore new ways of learning.

The family dynamic and the concept of “homework help” have evolved. With changing family structures and work lives, not all students have access to the support and assistance they need for their homework assignments. This can create additional stress for both students and parents as they navigate life with almost 56% of parents saying they feel like they can’t give proper assistance to their kids when they need it.

Getting rid of traditional homework can alleviate stress for not just kids, but parents as well.

Homework is unnecessary and pointless. While homework intends to reinforce learning and help academic success, the reality is that it may be less beneficial than people believe. The negative impact on students’ health, the lack of effectiveness, and its potential harm to students all point to the need for a revision of homework practices in schools. As teachers adapt to the changing needs of students, it is important to look into different approaches to learning and consider the well-being of students as the most important thing.

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