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Things I Think

Just a few thoughts…

I think that Christmas is the best holiday.

I think that everyone should drink more water. 

I think that most people only turned in their phones for the money. 

I think that winter is the worst season. 

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  • During winter there is snow, the roads are dangerous, and it is very cold. I like to be able to just go outside and get into my car, not having to go outside early and use up gas just to go somewhere.

I think that summer is the best season.

I think that people should go outside more. 

  • Going outside has many benefits to your health and your mental health, and also allows you to experience more things. 

I think that designer brands are ridiculous. 

  • Many of them are the same quality as other brands and are way too overpriced, you are only paying for the name. 

I think that cats are better than dogs. 

I think that everyone should work out. 

I think that music can help people rather than distract them.

  • I listen to music with everything that I do, and it really helps me focus. 

I think that technology is more good than bad.

  • Technology is used to help everyone around us every single day, in schools, hospitals, workplaces, etc. 

I think that gas is too overpriced.

  • Gas used to be cheaper and fewer people can even afford gas nowadays. 

I think that energy drinks and coffee are bad for you.

  • I do not drink either of these and I can do everything just fine. 

I think that parents should not give their young children cell phones.

  • I got my first phone in 7th grade for Christmas, and even then this was later than most of my friends. I think that I got my first phone at the right time, and any younger than 13 is too young.

I think that Google is the best browser. 

I think that the school should use a better website than IPass for grades.  

  • IPass looks poorly made and performs very badly, everyone knows that trying to use the website on any mobile device is a horrible experience.

I think that everyone should experience working in customer service at least once.

I think that Spotify is the best music app.

I think that Poland Spring is the best water.

I think that everyone should get enough/more sleep. 

  • I try to get 8 hours of sleep at night and try to go to bed around 10.

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Kenneth Branowicki
Kenneth Branowicki, Staff Reporter
Hello, my name is Kenneth Branowicki and I am a Senior at Sutton High School. I like cars and I like collecting shoes. I also have three dogs and a cat. I enjoy hanging out with friends and listening to music.

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