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My opinions on different things…
The stress that schools can have on students. (Ava Stone)
The stress that schools can have on students. (Ava Stone)

I think that…

  • Stanleys are a waste of money because it is 50 dollars for a water bottle that leaks and other water bottles are cheaper. 
  • Summers are better for mental health because the sun provides vitamin D, which allows for the brain to produce more dopamine. There is a lot of time to hangout with friends and have more downtime. 

    Drake and Nicki Minaj in 2015, that have a total of 16 collaborations, which all have been rated on the music charts top 100. (Matt Baron)
  • Drake and Nicki collabs are certified bops. Some songs include:
    • Needle
    • Moment for Life
    • Up all Night
    • Best I Ever Had Remix. 
  • There is no good music coming out in the present years. Good music stopped coming out about 2018. Early 2000’s music had more appealing beats and were original. 
  • Christmas music is over played and over rated. The Christmas songs are traditional, but can it is used too often and overpowers other holidays. 
  • School can be a large factor in how people’s mental health is as there is stress upon students with homework, clubs, volunteering, and jobs. 

    A diagram of how to do push ups, which strengthens arms, legs, and core. (Depositphotos)
  • A good amount of exercise is needed to live longer. Studies show that just doing 10 push ups a day promotes heart health and strengthens muscles to prevent other issues. 
  • Children are growing up too fast, which is messing up society because the parents are not understanding that children need to learn manners and respect.
  • I think that movies can be impactful on society. Perks of Being a Wildflower changed film. The Barbie movie was very influential for women empowerment. 
  • Cheez It’s are better than Goldfish because of the salty cheesy flavor that they provide. 
  • Vine was a cultural reset, which was better than Tik Tok and Musically.
  • School is important because it teaches you social skills and academics that you will partially need. Yet, for the most part, school is not helpful for the field of work that you may want to go into. 

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Gwyneth Johnson
Gwyneth Johnson, Staff Reporter
I'm a junior student-athlete at Sutton Highschool. I participate in many clubs at school that help me pursue my interests in marketing and leadership. Though I would not describe myself as a highly social person, I do enjoy hanging out with my friends, team dinners, and getting to know new people. My favorite color has been red for a long time, and I love binge watching movies and TV shows.

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