Battle of the Breakfast Places

Battle of the Breakfast Places

Jacob Corrente, Staff Writer

Sutton is a small town filled with great places to get a bite to eat. There are two places to get breakfast in town that comes to mind: Schultzy’s and K.P.’s. I have been to both places many times but my go-to is Schultzy’s. I started to wonder to myself; what establishment is better? I took the halls of Sutton High to get to the bottom of this very important question, Schultzy’s or K.P.’s?

Now before I give you the results I will give you my opinion first; I will be Schultzy’s till I die. I will always be down to go to their place for breakfast. I go to Schultzy’s a lot and I get their eggs benedict and chocolate chip pancakes which are extremely filling. Every time I go there I never get a bad meal. It is the picture of consistency in breakfast foods. They have a big menu and their prices are extremely affordable. The people who work there are very kind and hardworking people who take the time to get to know their customers. I get Schultzy’s for breakfast so much that at one point I was offered a job there. If anyone asks for my recommendation on what place would be the best I would pick Schultzy’s. It also has a great bar-type seating where you can sit next to someone random and have a great conversation.

When I asked people what they thought on what place is better, Schultzy’s took the crown. I asked about 50 people and more than half picked Schutlzys. Now I am not saying K.P.’s is a bad place to go but it will always be better than Schultzy’s in my opinion. The food is just better tasting and better quality.

Also, K.P.’s are more expensive. When looking at the menu for four pancakes at K.P.’s it cost $8.25 and at Schultzy’s they cost $2.50 less than K.P.’s. Also, Schultzy’s pancakes are massive. The first time I got them I was almost shocked at the size.

When I asked senior Mike Zibell on his preference this was his response: “Schultzy’s is beyond better than K.P.’s.” Sometimes when I eat their eggs benedict it is the only thing that makes me feel complete.

When it comes to K.P.’s, senior Shea Blanchard’s thoughts are “I go to K.P.s with my dad all the time and I enjoy spending time with him and getting great food from K.P.s.”  

Like I said earlier K.P.’s is not a bad place to go and spend your morning for breakfast. Many people enjoy going there every morning for breakfast. Another student at Sutton High also enjoys  K.P.’s, here is what junior Ruby Adamowicz had to say about K.P.’s, “ It’s amazing, the menu is a wide variety. I enjoy their orange juice and their coffee is always fresh. Also, the service is immaculate, it is a family-oriented establishment with a very welcoming atmosphere.”

Now I hope after reading this you decided on what breakfast place in Sutton to eat at. Both places are very good but Schultzy’s won this poll by a landslide within the student body. They won for good reason as well with great food and prices making the place affordable for the entire family to go out and have a nice breakfast together.