Dear America – We need to go back to our old ways

Just because something is in the past does not make it bad or no longer relevant.

Dear America - We need to go back to our old ways

Collin Sargent, Staff Writer

Dear America, We need our old way of life back to us to keep our common day and age to keep the same value.

We all understand that we are in a pandemic as of right now but people still need their freedom. It’s understandable to be scarce on population safety in the United States but there is rebellion and clashing happening because of this pandemic, where people are fighting each other storming buildings and causing harm to themselves and to other people around them. Also, most people who leave their house are afraid of almost everything now, If you cough people can go crazy about it and distraught themselves. I think this is wrong because it is a free place so we should be able to actually be free and independent.

I think that the internet and COVID-19 have underdeveloped kids’ social skills by a lot because some of these kids just stay inside due to their illnesses or preference, they gain a lack of social order to speak with other people. I think that it’s necessary to have social skills to grow up in the world because if you want certain jobs when you get older you need certain skills. With most jobs, social skills are a key skill to have.

But not everything is negative about this change in the world.

I believe COVID-19 happening has made America more diverse and accepting of anything new. This world that’s mainly online now has helped a lot in growing as human beings for researching new things and everyone’s learning new things from being online around the clock. I think this can help people build independence.

From observing videos online or in real life, people and kids have been distracted and afraid of COVID-19 and being out in the real world because they are on their phones so much and always checking online what’s new and what to look out for. Not everyone is like that obviously, but this has caused conflict between people and how they are in the world now. People have rallied and revolted against the government and other people because they feel they lack freedom from all these changes going on.

But there is the other half of the population that thinks the exact opposite, so these people fight and clash. But people choose these sides from research and looking up things online, all these things that have happened have been mainly caused by social media and just the online world in general.


I’m not trying to make it seem that you should get rid of all of your mobile or online devices, I use these things too but to an extent, if this world wants to thrive with this more connective online work. People need to limit themselves to anything if they plan on keeping these things from being a problem in their lives. In December 2021, the average American spent 5.4 hours a day on their smartphone and some kids are on there for more than 12 hours a day. The world is losing its socialism the more we are using online sources to do anything. OnlineHours