What does Spring mean to People?

Winter is finally over

Jacob Ford, Staff Writer

To me personally spring is like coming out of hibernation; its almost like a new year.  I love being outside and when its cold its hard to enjoy the things you like as much.

Spring is the perfect in between winter and summer. It is not too hot or too cold. Some of my favorite things to do in spring are to go fishing and play basketball. In the winter you can ice fish but its not as enjoyable unless you have a heated tent. For basketball you cannot play basketball in the snow (well you can but there is going to have to be different rules).

Some other things I like to do in the spring is play school baseball. I am a pitcher/out fielder. Even though it can be done it is very hard to practice for baseball in the off season because batting cage time is very limited. During the winter you cannot just go to a field and hit the grounders to practice.

After asking other people about what spring meant to them they said that spring means less depression. It means more sunshine and living plants. Spring means being more active and losing the extra pounds you put on in the winter. Spring means long walks or bike rides. It means getting together and doing things in nature with your loved ones.

I asked my classmate Mike what spring means to him.  He said spring means that it’s riding season. This is a really good time to ride your dirt bike because the ground is moist from melting. This allows you to have the perfect traction because the tire sticks into the dirt. I personally ride dirt bikes also so I agree with Mike. In my opinion spring is the best season to ride by far.

Some of the things I remember doing in the spring as a younger kid is finally going outside for recess, playing kick ball, or king of the hill. You can go out in the neighborhood and get all your friends together for a basketball game. watching the leaves turn to red, green and orange. You get to watch the snow melt off the grass as the baseball season comes.

When spring comes my favorite part is baseball season. You get to go out on the field for the first time since the summer, and there is no better feeling. The best feeling is having your first practice, running on the field, touching the sand for the first time. Getting that first call by coach to go throw on the mound, getting your first hit of the season, driving in a run, trying to break personal records–this is spring.

My least favorite thing about spring is its ending because then the heat comes. Although it is not as bad as winter it is still a lot as good as spring or summer. Fall is the time where you’re always cold but there is no snow. Personally I hate being cold. That is why spring is the best season.