Dear America: Let’s get back to Real News!

Let’s get positive


Jacob Ford, Staff Writer

Today’s news wouldn’t be news 30 years ago. Today’s news seems like everything they say is bad. They always give you the sad part of the story and not the happy ending. My mom says that when she was younger and watched the news with her family at dinner it used to be happy news for the most part.  Now when we sit down as a family to watch the news at dinner it makes you almost not want to watch it because it’s all sad news and politics.

In today’s world there are so many news programs, you don’t know who to trust.  Most of them are political and very one sided with politics meaning. They report everything bad they can on the opposing party.

In my opinion it shouldn’t be like this at all. News programs shouldn’t be politically one sided. They should have two news programs about politics and they leave the other news stations to report good news. If the news companies aired good news all the time it might inspire someone to go out and do something good for somebody else.

An example of a one sided news anchor is CNN as they are more liberal than conservative. A one sided conservative news station would be Fox News. I don’t think it is right to have one sided news networks. You can’t please everybody, so why are they trying so hard?

My question is why if the news is so much about politics, why don’t they make a different station where that’s all they talk about? This way they have more time to tell the country good news.

Even though I think that news stations shouldn’t be biased at all not all news stations are. I think the ones that are biased should be required to stop reporting on politics. When I turn on the news I want to know actual events that are going on. Not everyone cares about watching politics because they can’t change anything unless there’s an election.

In conclusion I think that if the news was always happy there would be a lot more happiness around us. If everyone turned on the news and they talked about good things going on, I’m sure it would inspire a lot of people to do good in the world.