No more masks, how do we feel?

Leave it to individual choice


The average student still masks up.

Aden Oliver, Staff Writer

Masks mandates have been lifted. Everyone has been awaiting the downfall of the world wide pandemic, and Massachusetts seems to be nearing a bright ending to our Corona Virus tunnel. People have mixed feeling about the mandate being lifted, some say they are so happy to no longer have to wear them, and others say they do not mind the masks, or think that it is unwise to take them off just yet, if even at all.

Question being asked; What are your thoughts/feelings now that we are not mandated to wear a mask anymore?

Mr. Gillian “Well, a little while back we had a faculty poll of what people thought about masks, whether or not we should be without them, I am always a grey answer-er, I never know where to stand, but what I feel is that it did not need to be a mandate but personally I was going to wear one. I am older than 65, my wife is the same age, so I do not want to endanger anyone because we do not want to take risks at home even being vaccinated. I do not know if they need to be mandated. I do not get backlash for wearing a mask, and everyone respects my decision to wear one. So my view is it’s good people have a choice, and can be respected for their choice”

Rosborough’s E block: “It makes sense for people getting a choice and whatever they choose is good for them. Respect everyone if you choose to wear one and it brings a sense of normalcy back. Some  people get anxiety from not being able to hide their face anymore.”

Ms. Brousseau: “I feel that people being able to have the choice over whether or not they wear a mask is essential to the sense of normality. It also makes it easier to hear teachers, and just people in general, talk. It brings us away from the lock down part of the pandemic and I’m fearful that we would have to go back because of the new variant, its supposed to be more powerful than the omicron variant that we just had to deal with. But for now I am happy that we have them off. ”

Samuel Venincasa: “I like it. I am glad that those that wear a mask get to choose whether they want to or not. I think it is better for the environment because when we were all mandated to wear a mask, all you would see outside on the ground were masks and it was completely unnecessary.”

Fady Kierakos; “Masks being worn is something that people should consider more because it helps stop the spread further. But that is just my thought because it’s good that people are able choose whether or not they want to wear one. It allows them the freedom of being somewhat back to normal again. I also feel that people should be more cautious about where their masks end up. People should not be leaving them all over the school and roads.”

Gabe Johnson; “I like it a lot better. It promotes people to be more social, it just feels like a big weight has been lifted off my chest, I do not know how safe it is or if it is a big possibility of coming back but I hope that it is safe. I am kinda worried that because of us not wearing masks Corona could come back but we cannot know for sure. I am just going to trust the officials. They seem to know what they are doing if it has not spiked.”