What Do The Educators of SHS Love?

Education is not their only love

What Do The Educators of SHS Love?

Fady Keriakos, Staff Writer

Everyone’s passionate about something in their lives, something that they could confidently say they love, be it a hobby or something they do everyday. People have many different reasons as to why they do things, one of many hobbies or activities. A sense of fulfillment or even a love of it.

Though this might carry over into their line of work, everyone has something that they hold near and dear to their hearts. So join me today as I head around and interview three fortunate (or unfortunate, you decide) teachers to share something about what they love.

Teaching is more than sitting down and regurgitating information from 7:30 AM to 2 PM. It’s ensuring the education of the next generation, the one that will inherit the current world and all of its problems. Mr. Marcucci is one of the teachers I interviewed. One common thing he shares with them is that he loves teaching and getting his students engaged and interested in the class and curriculum. He expressed being grateful for his position and job here at SHS. Outside of school he’s just like everyone else with the same interests in things such as surfing and spending time with his family. So don’t be too surprised if you see a familiar looking English teacher shredding it out on the waves this summer.

Family is something that we all have whether it be by blood or just who we grew up with. People love to spend quality time with their loved ones and friends, and it’s alright to prioritize that. Ms. Trudeau is one of those people who prefers to spend quality time with friends and family. Along with Mr. Marcucci, she loves teaching, and seeing students learn only validates her decision to become a teacher despite some of its shortcomings (teachers are all rich as we know right?).  Along with everyone else still living she enjoys eating snacks, though preferably Mrs. Taylor’s cookies.

Education is a field pursued by many around the world, each having their different reasons for selecting the field, and more have their own reasons for enjoying it. Ms. Hayes is one teacher who loves interacting with her students, nurturing their curiosity and excitement with experiments and fun facts they might have not known. Who said teaching couldn’t be fun? Especially when you have things like mole day and having 118 different elements to make jokes and puns with. Though it has it’s own challenges, as described by Ms. Hayes, especially when teaching AP chemistry as hard as it is teaching, it’s even more satisfying when you see an idea just “click” with a student. Outside of the classroom she enjoys experimenting and performing labs with edible substances, looking out for more recipes to experiment with, in a hobby known as cooking. 

Dear reader, if you walk away with one thing from this article let it be this–no matter how you see a person at their profession, whether a teacher or professional, they are still a person at the end of the day. Try going out of your way once in a while and asking someone you work with or see often about their own hobbies and things they love to do, in or out of work. You might just be surprised how they are in their own time; the most hardline and work obsessed person might be a fun person out of work.

Or that one quiet teacher you have could enjoy shredding it on an electric guitar in their spare time. You just never know until you take the first step and reach out.