Cross Country Season Preview

How will the Cross country team do?

Julianna Strassner, Staff Writer

The Cross Country season has started and we are all wondering how the team is doing, and their chances of having a successful season. According to one coach, they are off to a great start and have a lot of great runners.

“On the girls side, we boast five juniors and four freshman. The juniors are a tight-knit group that work really well together and support each other every step of the way. The freshman are already impressing us with their talent and willingness to work hard. On the boys side, we have a few seasoned upperclassmen and some upper class new-comers who are a pleasant surprise! They are going to be key contributors to our success.”

The coaches and the team are very confident that they are going to have a successful season, “I think the boys will be competitive, likely winning some and losing some, but will have a decent overall score. I believe the girls will do very well, with the possibility of winning most if not all of the meets,” says Mr. Stone, one of the coaches. One of the captain’s of the girls team agrees with the coaches, saying, “I think we have a good chance of doing pretty well this season.”

Some of the girls team for an early morning Saturday practice

We know that are team is feeling confident, but who do they think will be their best competitor is going to be?  According to the coach of the girls team and one of the girls team captains, Whitinsville Christian is going to be the hardest team for the girls to beat.

“The boys’ biggest challenge will be Hopedale, just like every year! I don’t know if Sutton boys have ever beaten Hopedale. They have a legendary team with an outstanding track record,” says Coach Jennie.

Coach Stone also thinks Hopedale may be the most difficult team for the boys to beat if they have kept their numbers up.  Both teams have some difficult teams to go up against, and we will see how they do against them.

A lot of the upperclassmen on the girls team are very excited for the big invitational meets, like Ocean State, and the Twilight Meet. The Ocean State Invitational is a big race in Rhode Island, and teams from all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island go there to compete. The Twilight Meet is when you run the race late at night with lights lining the course. They are also excited for the Wrentham course, because it is very flat and it is where a lot of our teams runners get a new personal time record. Many of those meets will take place later in the season.

In all, both teams are going to be competing in about eleven meets throughout the season, five which are home meets at Shaw Farm and three of which are invitationals throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Both teams have their first meet on Friday, the sixteenth of September, against Whitinsville Christian at Shaw farm. It is going to be a difficult first meet for both teams, but especially the girls because Whitinsville Christian is the girls biggest competitor. Their second meet is on Tuesday, September 20 at Nipmuc High School.  I think they are going to have a good season.