Daily SHS Instagram Page

Seeing SHS through a different lens


Leo Colena, Staff Writer

The Daily SHS Instagram page is a new account that is blowing up around Sutton High School these days. An account where a camera is brought around the school everyday and takes pictures of people, and later posts ten of them on Instagram to be ranked as the top 10 pictures of the day. Within the last month, the account has gained 250 followers.

The two boys who created and run this account are two seniors, Chase Falcon and Justin Cao. Justin brings his camera everyday and takes a ton of pictures of people around school. I’m sure you will find him taking pictures at advisory or lunch, and even sometimes in the parking lot after school. Chase is the one that manages the top 10. Justin gives him all the pictures and Chase finds the best 10 to post every day.

I got the honor of being able to interview them to learn more about the account. I first asked them what inspired them to start the account. Chase said, “At first we wanted to just get some nice yearbook photos, just some good memories that we can remember and look at every day.” They saw how happy it made everybody and it inspired them to make an account to post where everybody can see the pictures every day.

“What is the main goal of this account?” Justin immediately responded with, “We want to just be able to give everybody attention, kind of spread joy and positivity throughout the school with the pictures” Chase then added, “We want to get everybody interacting, and getting more people involved.” Justin and Chase have very nice intentions with this account, and are just trying to make the school a better place where everybody can interact with each other.

So far they have been doing a great job posting new things daily, but I wanted to know about the difficulties behind posting new content without repeats. “It is very hard,” they both said at almost the same time. “The problem is you can’t post the same pictures every day; you have to try to come up with something new,” Chase said. Justin added, “We are around the same people every day; we try to do it mostly in the cafeteria when there’s new people but we have so many photos of the same people that they just end up getting put on there.”

There is a new struggle everyday. Day 1’s are especially the hardest because they have to stay in class and there is nobody to take pictures of. Sometimes Justin has to wait outside in the parking lot after school to try to get some more content.  They are both dedicated to spreading new positivity .

The last question I asked was how they plan to keep the account popular and keep people interested throughout the school year. “Through the story shares,” Justin says. “People re-posting our stuff, and involve more people every day so that new people can see.” Chase said, “We get most of our new followers from new people re-posting, so then their followers see the account, become interested and follow us.” They also like letting other people take pictures when it seems like they want to. It is a great way for people to be involved and be interested in the account.

Chase and Justin set a great example around school to not only their peers, but to everybody in the school. They get everybody involved in hopes that the lower grades will carry on an account like this when the seniors are gone. I am very grateful that I was able to interview these  two and I hope the account keeps growing in popularity.