What Does Your Handwriting Tell Me About You?

You can tell a lot about a person’s personality from their handwriting.


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“Be yourself; everyone else has already been taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Aubrey LaPointe, Staff Writer

Everyone has different and unique handwriting. Everyone’s personalities are different as well, so how are these two traits of a person connected?

Graphology, the study of handwriting has been practiced for many years. In more depth, graphology is used to infer things about people’s character based on their handwriting.

Graphology can be used to determine many things. Some include. . .

  • Whether or not a couple is compatible with each other.
  • Some people commission a graphologist to determine if a person is right for the job they are hiring for.
  • If a signature from a famous person is actually real or not.
  • In different legal cases they can also tell if a signature was forged.
  • A forensic graphologist can potentially help determine new suspects from evidence that has handwriting on it.

For example, what can a graphologist determine from handwriting with small words, long T-crosses, and also has wider spaces in between the words and letters along with traces of heavy pen pressure?

They would use some of these variables to tell what kind of personality traits this person has.

1. THE SIZE OF THE LETTERS. The size of the letters can determine if a person is shy or outgoing. If the letters are smaller and don’t quite fill the lines given on the sheet of paper, that person is most likely more introverted and timid. On the other hand, if the letters fill up more space then given on the lines of the note paper that person is very extroverted and confident.

2. CROSSING T’s. Characters of a person can be decided by the length of the T-cross. The T’s with longer crosses are mostly likely belonging to a person who is more determined and enthusiastic. Someone with a shorter T-cross is generally a lazy and sluggish person.

3. WORD and LETTER SPACING. The space between the words can tell a graphologist whether or not a person enjoys the company of others or would rather be alone. Someone who would enjoy the company of others writes their letters closer together, where someone who likes to be by themselves has farther apart letters.

4. PEN PRESSURE. Another way a graphologist can determine a person’s traits by their handwriting is their pen pressure. Are they uptight or are they sensitive and empathetic? Really heavy pen pressure reveals the more uptight qualities in a person. While the light pen pressure tells the graphologist that the person is quite empathetic.

By all of this, the graphologist can tell that the person is a shy, determined person who likes to be alone and is very uptight.

Based on what is stated above, what kind of person are you based on your handwriting?

I have small handwriting and my T-crosses areĀ  generally not too large and not too small. My words and letters are fairly far from each other and the pressure of my pen seems to be pretty light.

From this, a graphologist would infer that I am a timid person with lazy and productive habits along with an independent and empathetic personality.

So, what does your handwriting tell me about you?