What are you doing this Thanksgiving season?

Organizations are giving back to our communities. So what can you do to help?


Lifesong Church Instagram Page

The supplies of Lifesong Church’s Thanksgiving meal outreach on Sunday, November 20.

Aubrey LaPointe, Staff Writer

Many organizations are taking a step to help our communities during the holiday season. 

Some organizations are collecting donations and giving them out. One organization that is an example of this is Lifesong Church. They are going out on the town and taking part in a Thanksgiving outreach. This outreach includes gathering meal donations and giving them to people in the community who may not be able to afford a Thanksgiving meal this year. 

Some grocery stores are offering fantastic Thanksgiving food deals. They are doing this for the families that they know may not be able to afford full-priced items because of the super-high inflation that is affecting many people in our country.

An 8 to 16-pound turkey is usually priced around $1.50 a pound, but now, prices are up 28% more than their regular prices from last year due to high inflation rates.

 Market Basket is one grocery store that is lowering prices and placing sales on all things Thanksgiving. They have dropped their price for turkey down to $.98 per pound. (WOW!)

Aldi is offering 2019 prices on Thanksgiving favorites like cornbread stuffing and apple pie.

Walmart is offering 2021 prices on things like stuffing, ham, potatoes, and turkey. This means that their turkey will be priced at $1 per pound this year.

If these grocery stores did not step in and lower the prices or place sales on some of their items, many people would be paying around $1.92 per pound of turkey. If you are looking for some good Thanksgiving feast deals some of these grocery stores are definitely the way to go.

One outreach that has given free Thanksgiving meals to people in different local communities is Lifesong Church’s Thanksgiving Outreach. This outreach took place Sunday. They ended up getting enough donations to give out more than two times the meals they had originally planned to.

There are plenty of things that you can do to help families that do not have enough money to afford a Thanksgiving or even a Christmas dinner. You can give to local food banks and pantries. If you did not know, food banks are non-profit organizations that collect donated food and give it to people in need. As well as giving to these food banks you could also donate to different organizations like Lifesong Church’s outreach.

Some local food banks and pantries that you could donate to this holiday season are the Worcester County Food Bank, the Grafton Food Bank, and the People First Food Pantry.

While it is nice to be extra generous during the holiday seasons, you can always donate to these food banks and pantries at any point in the year to bless the families in your community.

If you donate to some of these different organizations, as you eat your big Thanksgiving feast you will feel reassured knowing that you helped create another Thanksgiving feast for a family that may not have been as lucky as you this season.

So what are you doing this Thanksgiving holiday, Thanks – eating or Thanks – giving?