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Meet Sutton Highs New Guidance Counselor

Meet Sutton High’s New Guidance Counselor

Abrielle Choma, Staff Writer September 19, 2023

Sutton High School has added a new member to its staff. Ms. Ryan is the new guidance counselor, replacing our beloved Ms. Baiocchi. This transition took place during the summer, where both counselors got...

New Bell Schedule at SHS

New Bell Schedule at SHS

Marina Astrella, Staff Writer September 18, 2023

In the past years,  SHS’s schedule comprised of two classes, advisement, one class, lunch, and lastly three classes bringing us to 2 P.M. Students had four minutes between classes.  This year is...

Senator Fattman, shown during a recent meeting, has been a MA Senator since 2015

Interview with Senator Ryan Fattman

Alexander Woodcock, Staff Writer September 15, 2023

Recently, I got the chance to sit down and speak with our senator to the Massachusetts State Senate, Ryan Fattman. I wanted to do this because our congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives, Jim...

At the base of the Twin Towers, firefighters raise the flag right after the attacks

9/11 more than two decades hence

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer September 11, 2023

The September 11th terrorist attacks were a significant tragic milestone in our nation's history. But like me and every other student in my school we were not alive to see the tragic events of September...

The Secret Life of The American Teacher

The Secret Life of The American Teacher

Macy Hutchinson, Staff Writer June 21, 2023
What do you do for a job? Who taught you that job? Was it a teacher?
Two Students Walk Into a Podcast: Guns in Schools

Two Students Walk Into a Podcast: Guns in Schools

Staff, Editor June 16, 2023

The entire staff gets together to review our series and to share some final thoughts. Please give it a listen, and please keep the conversation going.

PTSD affects a larger portion of the population than you might suspect

Guns in Schools: Assisting and Supporting Victims

Adrian Ramos, Staff Writer June 15, 2023
Without the truth, there cannot be healing
The constitution creates the possibility of drafting binding laws for progress.

Guns in Schools: Legislative Action Related to Guns

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer June 14, 2023
The topic of this article is that when groups of people work together progress is made.
Training for school shootings is traumatizing, but it needs to be done to protect the children.

Guns In School: Training Our Staff

Evan Hughes, Staff Writer June 9, 2023
"It’s something that we should be preparing ourselves for, since, statistically, you're much more likely to die in a school shooting than a school fire."
The looks on mental health

Guns In School: The Role of Mental Health

Ben Larose , Staff Writer June 8, 2023
There have been 26 school shootings so far this year of 2023
Brush burning at Shaw´s farm after excavation of many trees

Human Needs Are Taking Over

Alyssa Chouinard, Staff Writer March 25, 2023
Humans have directly altered at least 70% of Earth's land, mainly for growing plants and keeping animals.
The Gucci store represents the high end luxury side of shopping.

Bye Bye Gucci

Ava Spokis, Staff Writer March 9, 2023
How dumb can you be? Posting on instagram of the products you just stole...
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