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Marina’s turn
rush hour parking lot

I think that people have a hard time living in the moment. Sometimes this can be because of stress and worry; however we need to be more focused on the now. 

I think that teachers should park in the teacher lot. Unfortunately, in the morning at the student parking lot, we have been quickly running out of spaces. The frustration coming from students is that we have to pay for those spots and there isn’t space for all of us which means we now need to park in the front of the school that is actually ‘not allowed.’

NBC News image (Black Friday) (Naco Doce)

I think that Black Friday is not what it used to be. When I was younger I remember hearing about Black Friday shopping and how crazy people would go. This was around 2016 and the stores are nothing like I remember. People even prefer Cyber Monday.

I think doing something artistic every day is good for your brain. 

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I think that listening to music can help you be more productive.

I think that the school is becoming too entitled with students’ lives. 

I think that a facetime call is better than a text message. Every time that someone calls me, it feels more personal because they actually made the effort to take the time to talk to me instead of a text that needs to wait for a response. 

I think coffee is essential to the beginning of the day. Having my morning coffee makes me feel more awake and happy to have many options for the drink. Everyone can find something they like.

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I think that teachers assigning homework over a break is pointless. This can happen a lot heading into winter and spring break. Oftentimes students don’t even do the work because they ‘forgot’ or people share answers. When we get back in school, we end up having to go over all the information again. There is no benefit.  

I think that Netflix is getting rid of shows and movies that are making them money.  

I think that the school should have no say on my personal property.

I think that if you pay for a streaming service there should not be ads. If the site is gaining my money then we deserve to have the best, and not ads that I paid to avoid.

An advertisement on HBO Max? I didn’t pay to have advertisements!

I think that seniors should be allowed to flex during advisement.

I think that ice cream is the best kind of dessert.

I think that dance is a sport, as well as, an art.

I think that school should start an hour later and end an hour later. Many students have a hard time getting to school on time and this can be because of the time that school starts. If we push back the time of our day then maybe students can have more drive and be more awake when we start the day. At least the sun can be up. 

I think that having your license is a big responsibility. Being in control of an entire motor vehicle can actually be very dangerous because not only are you responsible for keeping yourself safe, but all of the others around you. 

I think that my siblings are some of the people who know me best. They have been with me my entire life. They have known me from the very beginning and having them in my life is what makes me a better person. 

I think that having a job, when growing up, is a very beneficial life experience.

I think that only you know what is good for you.

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Marina Astrella
Marina Astrella, Staff Reporter
I am a senior at Sutton High School. In my free time, I am a dancer at H&H Dance Academy in Millbury. This will be my 15th season, and my fourth season on the competition team. My favorite color right now is orange, and I love listening to music, especially going to concerts.

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