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Baseball, soccer, and basketball players are overpaid. Hockey players, fighters, football players, and other large-contact sports players are paid fairly because of the physical toll on a person’s body for pure entertainment.

Fortnite is a very overrated game and, at its best, a mediocre game.

Cookie dough is the best flavor of ice cream, no questions asked.

Blue and gold are the best colors.

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Seafood is gross and dogs are always better than cats.

Coffee is disgusting and I think people should start their day by drinking tea or hot chocolate.

Social media is very unhealthy for the human psyche.

Trends are a terrible thing and people should instead get items because they need them, not because they need them to fit in. People overspend on essentials. Why does a person need $100 sneakers that they will wear in one of Sutton’s muddy fields? Even a short walk in the Sutton school fields, and they risk being devalued. I am not saying always spend low, but examine the circumstances. If your daily routine is unexpected, you should get shoes that fit the goal. $70 sneakers are more than sufficient and can get dirty. It is not a smart choice to get white shoes that are hundreds of dollars only to walk through mud.

Buying expensive cars is unnecessary, and electric cars will be the future.

The struggles with digital detox proves we have a problem and that we need a detox.

We should stop stigmatizing opposite opinions if they do not harm anyone. I think people should disagree with someone but still respect them.

Historical movies make the best movies, and I’m glad Oppenheimer did so well at the Oscars because it was the best movie of 2023. Undisputed.

The Star Wars franchise is grossly overplayed.

We need to destigmatize political beliefs. Why should you care about what someone else believes? People should be able to believe what or choose who they want as a leader if the beliefs are not harming anyone. We should approach issues in a non-political manner and see the problem as it is instead of how our political beliefs impel us to think.

The world will eventually be powered by Nuclear fusion and will slowly do away with fossil fuels.

Space travel is very important for the human race and I am confident the world will walk on Mars in our lifetimes.

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Matthew Gemme
Matthew Gemme, Staff Reporter
I am a junior at Sutton. That is all you get.

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