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SHS To Finally Have a Turf Field

But with no student or faculty parking, is it worth it?
Cameron Loss
Take a good look at this–the parking lot may soon be gone.

After years of poor field conditions, evening games played at neutral sites due to no lighting, and after years of success by our outdoor teams, Sutton High School will finally have a turf field.

Yes, we know, you’ve heard about plans before, but this time, we might actually have a deal in place.

At a recent school members meeting, the members voted 3-2 in favor of sending the proposal to the town athletic planning committee. At the town athletic planning committee meeting, the proposal passed, setting up a two year estimate before the new field is operational.

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School Members debated the proposal, and it narrowly passed. Members Sam Jones and John Hannah believe that the field will “add luster to our tremendous program and give our students a distinct advantage over other programs. Yes, we know it eliminates the tennis courts and basketball courts, but we’ll find someplace for them. We can’t let an opportunity like this pass us again.”

A slow to agree Member John Valentin finally cast the deciding vote after much discussion. When asked, he merely stated, “I needed to see all sides before deciding. I think the nice bleachers sealed the deal for me. Still, it’s only a model–they (bleachers) could be eliminated.”

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  • This is the current front of the school, a view that will soon change.

  • This artist rendering shows what space will be taken by the new fields. A close look shows the elimination of most of the school’s parking.

  • Could the girls start their next title runs on our very own turf fields?

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Members Greg Kite and Bruce Hurst voted against the proposal. Kite “is not in favor of something that benefits a few students and harms the majority.” Hurst specifically focused on the “substantial burden that parents will face in picking up students that would no longer be able to drive themselves.”

Wait, you say, no longer drive themselves? That’s correct. With the elimination of the back parking lot for practice fields and the new field eliminating most of the front parking lot, students will no longer be allowed to drive themselves to school as the few parking spots will be reserved for the faculty.

Needless to say, neither students nor faculty are pleased with this development. When asked, Junior Michael Smith said, “When I heard about the new fields, my first thought was, ‘Well, about time,’ but when I heard that students can no longer drive themselves, I realized that it would affect students like me.”

In two years, will students like Michael be willing to give up the right to drive and return to riding on the bus? (Peter Venkman)

A faculty member that asked to not be identified was not happy. “It’s bad enough that we have to drive around looking for a spot to park, but now we have to fight over a few spaces? Where do we park now? It’s ridiculous, short sighted, and another example of poor planning, and you can quote me on that.”

The proposal is rather simple: students are now required to ride the bus or get dropped off by their parents. The school committee and town council are looking into the possibility of eliminating parental drop off due to congestion and environmental concerns.

Faculty that arrive first will have the chance to claim the remaining ten spots, but otherwise they will park at the Congregational Church in the center of town and a shuttle will bring them to school every ten minutes.

While the proposal leaves athletes happy, the potential for gruntled and disgruntled students and faculty is ripe, and we want to hear from you. What do you think?

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Are you in favor of the turf field?


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    Jennifer HaroianApr 6, 2024 at 7:47 am

    I admit… you got me!!! Very nice article for being completely false!

  • B

    Barack ObamaApr 1, 2024 at 9:57 am

    My fellow Americans, as we embark on this journey toward a brighter future, let us dare to envision a nation where every child’s potential is unleashed. In my 2024 Presidential Campaign, I pledge to abolish school parking lots, because it’s time to prioritize education over asphalt.