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Got Milk?

What is the best milk for you?

Why is dairy slowly being snuffed out of everyday life? For quite a while, new plant-based substitutes have been surfacing. Everything from oats to hemp is being made into “milk.”

The consumption of dairy has plummeted since 1975. Why are people choosing non-dairy products? What brought on this new craze?

Dairy allergies have been increasingly more common with, “2 in every 100 children under 4 years old are allergic to milk”. With the increase in dairy allergies, people inevitably find alternatives.

Another leading contributor is ethical and environmental values. Many people would rather use the plant substitute than contribute to the animal cruelty that goes along with purchasing a bottle of cow’s milk. 

Some extra stats on Cow Vs. Almond

Plant-based milk holds a smaller calorie count than traditional cow’s milk. A cup of almond milk holds around 39 calories while a cup of whole milk contains 152 calories. Even though whole milk is notoriously high in calories, 1% still holds 107 calories in the cup. People seeking a low-calorie option will likely lean toward plant-based substitutes. 

The nutrients found in milk are why most drink it, so what do plants have to offer? Almond milk, the most popular plant-based milk, contains 1 gram of protein a cup compared to 8 grams found in whole milk. Almond milk is losing that round, but when taking a look at their calcium levels almonds overpower cows by having a total of 450mg against 300mg. 

I have always enjoyed cow’s milk and usually don’t like the flavor of plant-based milks. In the end, it’s certainly a personal choice, neither is bad but by the looks of it plants have the upper hand.

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Abrielle Choma
Abrielle Choma, Staff Reporter
I am a senior at Sutton High School. My favorite color is green and I am on the Sutton High Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field teams. I love to ski and spend time with my friends and family.

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