Dear America: Phones are Ruining the World

Phones are ruining society, and not just in new generations



People look down at their phones not knowing that their lives can change in a split second

Leo Colena, Staff Writer

From having a to pay to use a phone, every time you wanted to make a phone call, to keeping one in your pocket that can be used at will, phones have been changing  year by year for decades. What started off as an amazing invention of technology has turned into a huge distraction to the world.

Since the Corona Virus took the world by storm in 2020, schools and most work places had to adapt to much more use of technology. I personally am an easily distracted person, and when I came back to school and everything was either on my computer or my phone, I couldn’t focus and my grades plummeted. This year when the teachers decided to be strict with it again, and put our phones up in the phone garages, my grades have gone way up.

I’m sure, just like myself, we have parents or grandparents who love talking about the good old days and how much better times used to be, and lets be honest they sound a whole lot better then how times are now. I know that at least I wish I grew up in a time without phones.

The phone has become very dangerous. It has become such an addiction that people can go for a 15 minute drive without looking down at it. So many accidents have been caused from texting and driving. All it takes is one look down and you could be in an accident. I am very concerned for upcoming generations, who are being born into technology with no knowledge of life without it.


Almost every time I go out to eat I hear a little kid crying because his parent took the phone away from them and they don’t know what to do with out it.  Giving a phone to a little kid is almost like giving a drug to a baby. We are giving kids something where as they get older they will just get more and more hooked and wont know how to function without having it at the ready 24/7.