Can You Buy a Better Game?

Just because it costs more does not mean it helps

Hockey has one of the most expensive gear in sports but is it worth buying it?


Hockey has one of the most expensive gear in sports but is it worth buying it?

Ben Larose, Staff Writer

A lot of hockey players are spending money on the most expensive hockey equipment because they think that it will make them perform their best while playing. Does the most expensive equipment really make you perform your best?

The most expensive equipment in hockey ranges from between $400-$700 for a player per piece of equipment and around $500-$900 for each piece of equipment for a goalie. Is it really worth buying all this expensive gear? 

The answers can vary; it depends on what piece of equipment you are looking for. For a hockey stick, it is recommended and proven that if you buy the more expensive stick, your game, shot, and puck handles will be better. 

This is the most expensive/best stick on the market (Puck Stop)

The most expensive stick on the market (Bauer Agent) costs around $370 and is known for being the lightest and most durable stick. It is proven to make your shot quicker and more powerful which is a good advantage to have. If you buy a less expensive stick it will be heavier and also make it harder to release the puck quickly. Additionally,  it will make it harder to handle the puck as well as you would with one of the more expensive sticks.

If you pay for the more expensive hockey sticks it will better your game to an extent. I used to have a very cheap, poor stick and when I upgraded to one of the most expensive sticks I felt a big difference in my game, shot, handles, and the weight of the stick/ comfortability.

People wonder if buying the most expensive skates is worth it. The answer is yes. Skates are one of the most important pieces of equipment. You want a solid pair which will end up being very expensive. Good quality skates cost around $500 to $800. If you end up buying cheaper skates they will not have the same quality and will be tougher and more uncomfortable when skating which puts you at a disadvantage.

Pure Hockey is the most popular hockey shop in the world (Pure Hockey)

If you buy the expensive skates, they have higher tech that you would make you feel comfortable and feel better with better edges and edge work on the blade which will make you faster. When I go pond skating I use my old cheap skates so I don’t ruin my new pair and when I go from the cheap skates to my new pair I feel a big difference .

Shin pads can be tricky. Shin pads range from $100-$300. They are one of the only equipment in hockey that the price shouldn’t affect or help a player play better. But for shin pads the more expensive they are, the more protection you have for your legs. If you care about your safety and want to be safe on the ice, then go expensive and get the higher value equipment. 

Also elbow pads and shoulder pads are one of the cheaper equipment. Elbow and shoulder pads cost range from around $100-$200 which is not very expensive compared to any other hockey gear. For elbow and shoulder pads, you do not need the most expensive pair; they will not affect you or better your game in any way. The more expensive will give you more protection which will reduce the chance of injury. They also will be more comfortable while skating. If you have cheaper elbow and shoulder pads you will be in no disadvantage or advantage, you will just have less protection causing you a higher chance of injury.  

The cage and the visor mask (fishbowl) are questioned everyday which one is better (Nasher)

There are two different types of helmets that you are able to use unless you’re in an adult or professional league. You have a choice between a cage or a visor mask. These helmets cost around $75-$125. This is all about preference but most people say that the visor mask is the way to go. The visor mask is a little more pricey and expensive but it does seem to help your game and have an advantage over a cage.

The cage has metal rods in the way that can affect your vision. The visor has no metal rods and it’s clear so you are able to see everything just fine but it does have a chance to fog up but you can easily fix that with spray. I have used both a cage and a visor mask and I personally like the visor more because I do not have to worry about the cage affecting my vision. I’m able to see the full ice around me clearly.

Last piece of equipment is pants. Hockey pants are important range around $120-$250. Again the more expensive pants will not benefit you and give you a better game/perform better on the ice, but they will give you more protection than cheaper ones. In my opinion, I have had a cheap pair of pants and a more expensive/newer pair of pants and I could hardly tell any difference. 

Hockey is a very expensive sport. For all players it is true that the most expensive equipment can better your game/perform better on the ice but not every piece of equipment will help you perform better no matter how expensive and new it is.