Should Everyone Attempt College?

Is it worth going to college?

Not going to college can lead to unemployment

Pen State

Not going to college can lead to unemployment

Ben Larose, Staff Writer

Is going to college the right move for everyone graduating from high school? There are arguments for both sides of this question. Some people feel that college isn’t right for them and that they should be done with school and being educated after high school. Others feel that college is necessary for what they want to do in life. I think it depends on what career or interests a person has whether they should attempt to go to college. 

When a student graduates from high school they have a few options they can do depending on what might interest them. Some people want to go right into working after high school so they can start to earn money. Most of these jobs are minimum wage and don’t earn a lot of money. Other people that may be interested in being a doctor or lawyer know they must go to college if they want to work in those jobs because a college degree and more is required.  To them and for those kinds of jobs, college is very important to them for their careers and future. 

College graduates vs non college graduates employment rate (Franklin University)

For certain career paths, going to college is important for increased career stability. Going to college also helps with making your career more achievable because you are getting educated on the things you will need for your future job. With the correct college degree, you will be able to find more job opportunities and better, well paying jobs.

Most high paying jobs require you to have some type of college degree. Going to college is a minimum requirement for many career paths.

Also going to college helps you with your social life. Going to college, no matter how big or how small the school is, you will meet a lot of new people. You will meet new friends and make new connections that can help you with your career in the future.

I think it depends on what career or interests a person has whether they should attempt to go to college. 

Other people might graduate from high school and know they are very interested in a trade like electrical or plumbing. Instead of a college path, students that know they have these interests can go to a trade school where they would learn what they needed to to find a job in that trade after high school. It depends on what job interests a person has whether college might be right for them or not.

Everyone is available to online college (Shutterstock)

Not every student that graduates from high school feels comfortable going and living away at college. Luckily there are many options nowadays to getting a degree that don’t make you have to move away. A person can find a college close to home and be a commuter student and not live on campus. Also,  if you do not want to go into college physically you can even take online courses over your laptop and still graduate with a college degree.

I people are interested in furthering their education, they should attempt to go to college in some way and get a college degree. Studies show that people without a college degree are more than two and a half times more likely than those who have a college degree to receive Medicaid benefits, four times more likely to need food stamps, more likely to need public housing.

These studies show that without a college degree, people are way more likely to struggle to find well paying jobs and to earn enough money to live because most of the good paying jobs require you to have your degree. Working minimum wage and low paying jobs can lead to hardly having any money for food, water, transportation, and especially rent/housing. 

The arguments for going to college and earning a college degree to help make a good living are strong. Still everyone graduating from high school is different. Whether college is right for you will depend on what interests you have and what kind of career you want in your life.