The Chances of Success in Hockey

The Chances of Making it to the NHL

The teams of the National Hockey League

The teams of the National Hockey League

Ben Larose, Staff Writer

Many people around the world try to play the sport hockey. People either are interested in the sport or not and if they are they would want to be the best they can at the sport. People that play hockey and take it seriously try to make it to the NHL (National Hockey League), but how hard and difficult is it to be successful and make it to the league? 

First, to even get in the right path of going to the NHL, you have to love the sport. Loving the sport is the most important thing, if you do not love the sport then why do it. 

Also, being determined to be the best and have the right mindset is key to success. If you set your mind to something, work for it, and have dedication and determination to the sport you will improve. This will provide better opportunities than someone who is not dedicated to the sport. 

There are many different levels and leagues of hockey (Cosmos Sports)

In hockey it is one of the most difficult sports to be successful and make it to the league with all the different leagues/ juniors such as AHL, CHL, WHL, and many many more. There are many different divisions in college, but not all hockey players go to college most times they play juniors instead of going to college to have a better chance of making it. 

The chances of making it to the NHL is slim, with a chance of fewer than 2% of D1 College players making it and playing in the NHL. Also, only 63 players played in the NHL that played d3 college hockey in the NCAA. The competion creating between 86 and 90 percent of all NCAA men’s hockey college players have played in juniors. 

Again, most hockey players who are dedicated to the game of hockey and want to make it to the NHL do not play college, play junior hockey instead. For the WHL, there are 20% of NHL players in the league right now who have played in the WHL.

Connor Bedard is the next top NHL prospect (The Toronto Star)

 A top prospect of the WHL, right now, is a player named Connor Bedard or “Bedsy” and he is projected to be the number one pick in the draft for the NHL. Connor Bedard is only 17 years old with 143 points in 70 games in the WHL, which is crazy! Connor Bedard has, also, led his hometown team Canada to win a gold medal in the World Juniors, this year. 

For the AHL, the level right before the NHL, approximately 1 out of every 3 AHL players get a chance and play in the NHL. Almost 5% of the majority of the NHL was once an AHL player. 

For a kid, as you can see it is very difficult to be able to make the NHL. If you are able to work for it, grind, and workhard you will have a better chance than others. If you commit to it, you have a good chance of being successful, whether you’re in the NHL or not, but if you do not work for it you will never be successful. 

As a kid you have to try and get your name out there to colleges and scout teams/junior,  to show off and impress them, to move onto the next step.