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Hunter begins our latest series

(Editor’s note: Welcome to a new series we are trying at SuttonHighNews. Basically, we want to know what people think. We started with our staff, but eventually we run out of staff to post. Are you willing to create a “Things I Think” article? If so, please contact us. Now, we start with Hunter)

I think the In-season tournament is good for the NBA. I think this is good for the NBA because it creates more elimination games which is always good. It creates more competitive play with the players and an incentive for the players who win the tournament. Also, the winners get a trophy named the NBA Cup. There’s no reasoning to not have the tournament since they would only be at max one more regular season game. The players try harder; even though it’s just the regular season, they are still playing for something. The fans enjoy it more due to the playoff atmosphere, and it keeps fans involved throughout the regular season.

I think that seafood is not good.

I think that blue is the best color.

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I think people need to detox from their phones. I think too many people are on their phones for too long each day. I think being on your phone for too long is very bad for you and can affect your health in a negative way.

I think people shouldn’t be forced to detox from their phones. Choice matters.

I think vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate.

I think that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza.

I think that dogs are better than cats.

I think that Spotify is better than Apple Music. I think this because Spotify has a free version, which Apple Music doesn’t. I think Spotify has a better interface and supports more platforms.

I think that social media is bad for you.

I think that water is the best drink. 

I think that people pay to much money for certain brands. 

I think that Fortnite is the best video game ever. No game has ever been compared to prime Fortnite. At one point everyone was playing Fortnite. Fortnite is played by every age and has been one of the most popular games for many years. Fortnite is very consistent and people have always enjoyed it. Fortnite is the most played game ever with over 3.8 billion days total played. The visual appeal to Fortnite is very attractive to younger kids. I honestly think Fortnite will never die out and will always be popular.

I think that the NBA draft lottery is rigged.

I think that the internet makes dumb people dumber. Many people believe everything that’s on the internet which is not the case.

I think that money can buy happiness. Money can make people happy by helping them with their basic needs like food and shelter. Having enough money makes life more secure. It allows for enjoyable experiences, spending time with loved ones, and personal growth. While having money doesn’t guarantee happiness, using it for things that matter, like pursuing interests and making memories, can make a big difference in how satisfied and content a person feels.

I think that Halloween is the best holiday.

I think that all soda is gross.

I think chocolate chip cookies are the best kind of cookie.

I think that school lunch is good.

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Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller, Staff Reporter
Hi my name is Hunter Miller, and I'm a junior at Sutton High School. I play basketball for Sutton High and enjoy hanging out with my friends in my free time. I also enjoy listening to music and playing video games.

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