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The Test Tik Tok Trend

What is the test trend? What are the reasons behind it?
The Test Tik Tok trend is happening all over the world.

The Test Tik Tok trend began this year to cope with getting bad grades in classes and to poke fun at the advances of hope. The trend is to film people saying one by one that they are going to get a great grade like 100 or so. Then, the screen flashes to a picture of their actual grade on the test. 

This created an upward roar as students are becoming more comfortable with the concept of the pressures of school. This trend has gone international as this problem of stress is consistent. Traditionally, school pressure is a byproduct of the future concept of what are you going to do with your life, if you do not get the best grades, pick a career, and where do you want to go. These concepts of school pressure produce anxiety, stress, and depression for many high school students.

An example of the Tik Tok Trend used on an AP world test.

As a result of the encroaching future, this transitional period of life becomes ten times harder, causing the escapism that other generations find to be an addiction. Thus, this trend is a coping mechanism.

As years go by, the amount of work high school students have to do is amplified. Along with the normal SAT or ACT score and the best course selection for high school classes, colleges and universities are looking for well rounded students that participate in clubs, teams, jobs, etc.

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Here is an example of pressure: in the summer, a list of things from Harvard to do says: “take college classes, volunteer, study abroad, work a summer job, participate in an internship, start a business, or earn helpful certifications.” This clearly adds a lot to students as they may be achieving other milestones of being a student like getting a license, getting grades up/honor or AP classes, become an upper classman, and in sports getting a captaincy.

When conceptualizing this trend you have to understand the movement of the factors contributing to the cultivation of ‘we are all in this together.’  This helps students understand that they are not alone and that they don’t always have to be so serious about these grades. Many faculties have been seeing these Tik Toks and have become concerned for the mental well being of their students, but there still has not been any changes to the curriculums/assignments given.

The Test Trend used at a DECA competition for the role play scores.

This global trend has become popular due to the algorithm provided, but why is the world fascinated with it? “At 16 years old, almost every child in England will take probably about 15 or 20 substantial examinations,” Dylan Wiliam, a professor at the University of London for admissions, told NPR. This goes to show that the world is constantly full of testing, that of which can cause the wave of students to partake in this trend. Singapore, Ireland, England, Australia, Philippines, Brazil, and the United States are the countries so far that have partaken in the trend. 

What can schools do to lower the pressure of academics? What can parents do? What can the students do for themselves? These questions need answers, and unless there is a collaborative attempt at a solution, the trend will likely continue. 


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