Drama Club Presents: A Christmas Carol

A Sutton High tradition continues

Carolina Paula, Staff Writer

The drama club at Sutton is a huge group of very talented students and they always give the audience what they’re looking for. Over the past years, the drama club has had some outstanding performances. It gives a chance for the students to be confident, and a chance to be creative. Even with all the hardships, COVID-19 has brought upon them, the drama club is ready to get back into action. 

Every student in the drama club works hard to show their love for the play. Every two years the Sutton High School does A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, which they will be performing this year. A Christmas Carol is about an elderly man named Scrooge, who is miserable in his life. However, when visited by three spirits on Christmas eve his life is forever better as he learns compassion. 

This one will be different due to new actors in different roles, as a group they perform on December 16th – 19th. They are doing something completely different from the previous years by improving their props, working hard on memorization, and adding emotional value to their lines.  

Junior Amelia Bernard, who is a part of the play, said everyone has been practicing their lines over the summer and she was very excited about the upcoming play and can’t wait for everyone to see the hard work they put into it. Especially everyone’s new roles and how they get to express their acting through A Christmas Carol

The drama club is confident everyone will enjoy the play as much as they love doing it. The preparation must be hard because of the pandemic still being around and having to practice with masks on. They’ve been working hard to make a normal production in these hard times. 

Former plays have said that they are inspired and live up to others’ work by the previous actors of Sutton High School. The drama club practices three times a week, Mondays and Wednesdays for two hours after school and Fridays for an hour and a half. All that time is spent working as hard as they can to improve and ensure that A Christmas Carol play is the best it can be, which is a lot considering they might have a lot of hobbies on the side and going to school. Being a part of the drama club is a huge commitment for these students and a responsibility. 

Junior Kaia Lavine says that the play this year will be incredible, and everyone in the play has worked hard. They hope everyone comes to see them perform even though life is hard with everything going on in the world. The play would be a special moment for everyone even to get together and enjoy normal moments like this, Kaia Lavine wants everyone to know that A Christmas Carol is a great reminder to appreciate what we all have! Also, she wanted to give a huge thanks to director Mr. Loss for working extremely hard at ensuring this production takes place the best it can! He’s helped the drama club come so far and they couldn’t have done it without his directing! 

Want to see the many talents Sutton High has to offer? Come see the drama club perform A Christmas Carol here at the auditorium on dates December 16 – 18th at 7:00 pm and the 19th at 2:00 pm. You won’t want to miss this!