The Joys of Winter

Do you ever get bored in the winter?


Naila Moreira

Only in the beautiful winter can such picturesque views be possible

Julianna Strassner, Staff Writer

Do you like winter or dread winter, with the snow and freezing temperatures? Most people enjoy the first snow fall. Then the Christmas lights and decoration go up and you have a wonderful time around the holidays.

But after that, the lights and the Christmas cheer go away and you’re left with cold and snowy weather for the next couple months. Instead of moping around in your house, trying doing some exciting indoor or outdoor activities to make the rest of winter more enjoyable.

If you’re an outdoor person, try skiing or snowboarding. They are fun and a great way to exercise in the winter. We have many mountains in New England. One of the closest mountains is Wachusett Mountain, located in Westminster which is about 45 minutes from Sutton. The mountain has 27 trails and 8 lifts. The summit is 2006 feet above sea level, according to Wachusett Mountains website. It is great for beginners and intermediate skiers/snowboarders. If you do not have any gear, do not worry. They have snowboards, skies, boots and poles that you can rent when you arrive.

People having a fun time snowboarding and skiing.

Another activity worth giving a try is ice skating. There are many rinks in the area, some in Millbury and Worcester. Do not worry if you do not have any skates most places have skates, in all different sizes, that you can rent and return when you are done.

If you find you enjoy ice skating, you may enjoy watching figure skating or hockey games on TV or watching it in person. If you really enjoy doing it there are some hockey teams you can join.

If you do not feel like going for a drive to have fun, you also can take your sled and find a great hill to go sledding down. The best hills are the steepest ones with the most snow.

Another easy activity to do in your backyard is to build a snowman or igloo, and decorate it. The best snow for building snowmen and igloos are when it is moist or wet. It makes it stick together and hold its shape better than light fluffy snow does.

A kid enjoying his time sledding.

If you are not an outdoor person or it is too cold, there are many fun things to do inside. You can sit by the fire and play a board or card game with your family and friends. There are so many games you can play from hearts to dominos. A game is an easy way to have fun and spend time with the people around, while staying more in your home.

Another thing to do is make a nice hot cup of home made hot cocoa (recipe for hot cocoa, by Once you have your hot cocoa, you can find a comfy place in your house and read a book that you might not normally have time to read. Some good comfy places are in your bed or on the couch with a blanket or by the fireplace.

To stay more, you can sit by the fireplace and read a book or play a game. Picture by Mari Harrema.

If you like to bake, a snowy day is a great time to do so. You can make cookies, brownies, or something healthier. There are so many foods you can bake and different flavors to try. Online, you can find so many great and easy recipes. Some websites with great recipes are,, and

Instead of reading a book, you can also take your hot chocolate and other snacks, and go watch a movie or TV show, with a blanket. Some of the best winter movies to watch are Fargo, Frozen and Home alone, according to

Whether you are an inside person or an outside person, there is always something you can do to have fun in the winter, even if it is snowy outside.