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Humans can now edit DNA, what will come of this?

Scientists can now play God

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer June 10, 2024

Scientists now can edit our genomes and the structure of our DNA. Why is this important? And, can playing god cause more harm than good? DNA is our body's instruction manual for life and is in charge...

Mrs. Senecal keeps the high school running smoothly despite multiple tasks and interruptions.

The Pillars of a School District: The Office Secretary

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer June 6, 2024

Managing a school is a difficult and arduous process that requires a special group that together makes the system work. To achieve this goal, schools employs a group of workers to assist in the management...

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius was a very disruptive force, how did text survive?

AI unlocks history

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer June 5, 2024

Located in an ancient city near Pompeii in Italy rests the ruins of a large ancient Roman villa. When researchers were excavating the ruins they came across various logs of coal neatly placed in a stone...

Things I Think

Things I Think

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer May 30, 2024

Baseball, soccer, and basketball players are overpaid. Hockey players, fighters, football players, and other large-contact sports players are paid fairly because of the physical toll on a person's body...

Fun fact about teachers at our school

Fun fact about teachers at our school

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer May 29, 2024

I wanted to find out about some teachers throughout our school district, so I asked them to tell a fun fact about themselves that not many people know the results were very fascinating and very informative...

Hate speech is morally wrong, but is it illegal or just an opinion?

Does the First Amendment protect hate speech?

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer May 13, 2024

In the United States, we are guaranteed the right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press and expression. But what should be the protocol for speech that is hateful and disturbing but does not present...

The icon for TikTok metaphorically blocked by the shadow of Congress.

The TikTok ban

Matthew Gemme, Staff writer May 7, 2024

The United States Senate voted 79-18 on passing a law called the National Security Actr of 2024. Included in the bill is funding for more weapon shipments to Ukraine and Israel. The Bill also includes...

The birth of a star. It is an amazing process that is extremely rare but yet happens.

A birth millions of years in the making

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer May 1, 2024

The birth of a star is both fascinating and remarkable. Stars start as scattered collections of dust and planetary debris. When enough material is collected the mass starts to spin in a circular tornado...

Does a school have the authority to impose a detox?

Is Digital Detox against the law?

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer April 10, 2024

After a thorough examination of the law and the Constitution, I have come to an interesting conclusion on the topic of whether our Digital Detox is legal or whether it is a blatant denial of student rights;...

This rendering displays the tech at work.

Solar power collected from space?

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer March 26, 2024

Solar energy is a very important means of generating power safely and in an environmentally friendly way. Solar panels, which gained popularity around the 2000s, can be praised as a scientific lifesaver...

Today, the Supreme Court delivered Trump some very good news, but the effects will be felt for years.

The Supreme Court protects Trump

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer March 20, 2024

On March 4th, 2024, the Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump cannot be taken off the ballot in Colorado or any state on the state's choice alone. There needs to be congressional concurrence. The court...

 The election of 1800 candidates.

Has a presidential election ever ended in a tie?

Matthew Gemme, Staff Writer March 4, 2024

Has a presidential election ever ended in a tie? Yes, but it will never happen again, and here's why. The first and only tie in American presidential history occurred in the election of 1800 when Republican...

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