Kicking off senior year with excitement!

Alexander Ramos, News Editor

Sutton High School Seniors went on their very first field trip down in Storrs, CT, at The Outdoor Adventure Park later last week. The day was beautiful and the air was brisk for climbing and ziplining!

The day started off when students loaded onto the buses early in the morning to take a 45 minute trip to the location. After that was a briefing, the boring but safe part, which enforced good safety habits and lessons. After that was the fun part! A little scary at first but after you realize that there is no way you can fall out the fear of heights may linger, your fear of falling diminishes. The activity is very physically demanding. 

Megan Grogan seemed to enjoy the trip, “It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed being outside with my friends and my teachers.” Masks were not required for this activity since it was all outdoors! Hunter Dulmaine believed that, “Nothing feels better than chilling in a tree in the fresh air, with the friends I’ve had all my life.”

For some it was a relaxing experience, for others, not so much relaxing but exhilarating, “it is incredible what your body can do when it thinks you’re in danger.” says Mitesh Khanna. It is true, your body tends to take over and grow in strength, forget fear and accomplish your goal of getting out safely. Some, like Evan Matukaitis, overcome their fears by facing them, “I thought the field trip was really fun. Even though I’m scared of heights, I did it  and I did the hardest course and I overcame my fear of heights.”

Overall the trip was a great and memorable experience, it had meaning behind it and was a great way to kick off the senior year.

Alexander Ramos
Alexander Ramos