Clubs at Sutton High School

Some clubs you may not know

Mike Zibell, Staff Writer

One of the amazing aspects of Sutton High School is our great selection of after school activities and clubs we have available to the students. Most of these clubs are well known to the masses, Ski Club, Drama Club, and even Environmental Club. However, what would you say if I told you Sutton high had a Math league? How about Esports? There are so many amazing clubs that might fly right below your noses. So let me give you a little sniff! 

I’ve been a student at Sutton high school for 4 years now and I am as connected as you can get to my fellow students and the staff. That being said, it was a shock to me when I found out how many clubs are really available to the students here at Sutton high school, and so were my peers. When asked about how many clubs there are,

Sutton senior Austin Flamand gave the answer “like 12, 7, no? Like 12”.

When asked, another student answered “ I think there’s about 10”.

This was just about the formula of everyone’s answer, a lot of uncertainty, hesitation and second guessing. This goes to show the lack of exposure that some of these amazing clubs get, or rather don’t get. Why is this? First, let’s look at how many clubs are really available to students. In total there are 26 different clubs. These clubs range anywhere from Photography and art club, all the way to Community service learning and gender sexuality club. I was lucky enough to ask a CSL member their thoughts on the club’s popularity and

what they said was shocking, “we used to have a big council but then all the seniors graduated and now we need more underclassmen, we need people to join”.

So why aren’t people joining these clubs? Is it that they simply aren’t interested? Or is there a bigger reason?

When asked, Sutton High school junior Alyssa C. said “I didn’t really know about these clubs, did you know there was a math league? I just found out like last week”.

I didn’t know there was a math league. So I did some research and got a one on one interview with assistant math league coach, Sutton High school staff member, Mrs.Gamble. “A group of kids travel to other schools and we compete on various different math subjects depending on the meet. Every meeting they give you different math topics”.

When asked why this club would interest students she replied “ If you are interested in math or you want something for a career in I don’t know, Engineering, it can look really good on a resume”.

How popular is Math league? Mrs.Gamble says “ in the past we have had upwards of 30 kids on the team, but in the fall, if a kid has soccer, most of the time they cant come to the meets”.

Math league is just one of many under the radar clubs here at Sutton high school, I encourage you to dive into the different clubs available and try to find one that interests you, who knows, maybe you will be the next Math legend.