Golf swings into new season

Many new members make for a positive future.


Matthew Milaszewski

Leo Colena tees off at a recent match

Patrick Kostiw

Another school year has begun which means fall sports have started. The Sutton Golf Team is looking to compete for the playoffs once again. This week, I interviewed the coach, Matthew Milaszewski, as well as one of the players, Junior Leo Colena, about this upcoming season. 

Coach Milaszewski hopes to see the team make strides this season. Due to the Coronavirus, Coach Milaszewski did not coach last season. 

First, I asked Coach Milaszewski how he believes the Team will perform this year, “I look forward to seeing how the Team can do through the whole season. We have a lot of matches and practices to improve and get better.” Coach Milaszewski is always looking for improvements, especially with his very young squad this year. “I only know five of the returning players and I have 13 kids on the team. We have improved from our first match to our second one and I cannot ask for more than that.” Leo Colena, a Junior, is one of the returning players and he is trying to be one of the leaders on the team by always giving advice to other players. “I try to give my knowledge of the game to the younger guys to try and build a future for Sutton golf.” As Leo is ready for another season, he takes pride in every practice. 

Next, I asked Leo what a normal day of practice is like as he tries to improve his game. Throughout the course of practice, he simulates his reps as if he was in a match. “I start off on the putting green and try to work on my short game. Then we get out and play a round of nine and I try to translate my short game into the round, because your score is made on the greens.” As one of the upperclassmen on the Team, Leo is a great role model. 

Other returning players include Tom Bechunas, Matt Graves, Nathan Hastings, North Graff, and Andrew Greco. Coach Milaszewski is hoping for all returning players to improve as well as the new players: “I always look for improvements and hope to see positive changes.” The Sutton Golf Team is very consistent each season as Coach Milaszewski always gives helpful feedback to his players.   

I asked Coach Milaszewski if fans are allowed to attend golf matches, “Yes, fans can come and watch. In tournaments, they are a little bit more rigid. The rules are that you need to stay 30 yards back on the cart paths with no communication with the players.”  

After interviewing both Coach Milaszewski and Leo Colena, I have learned a lot more about the sport of golf as well as what the Sutton High School Golf Team does on a daily basis. The Golf Team is fortunate to be able to practice at the Blackstone National Golf Club to work on their short game as well as their long game. This is beneficial for the Team as they are able to simulate game-like shots to be better prepared for the actual match. Coach Milaszewski wants his players to practice shots they would not always take in-game during practice as they will be better equipped for different circumstances. 

The Sutton Golf Team is looking forward to a great season as they hope to win a lot of matches and see the whole team grow throughout the season, not only with their skills but also with their sportsmanship. This sport takes a lot of focus, as Coach Milaszewski preaches, and each player needs to buy in to improve. I appreciate the time and the opportunity given to me for this interview, and I wish the Sutton Golf Team the best of luck this season.