Soccer girls heading in right direction

“Our team goal is to win a state title”


A brief huddle for strategy

Carolina Paula, Staff Writer

The Girls Varsity soccer team has always been a strong sport at Sutton High School. The team is constantly working hard and conditioning in practices to prepare for games against their rivals. There is always improvement for the girls varsity team, and with the team heading in the right direction this season, we are excited to see them play without COVID-19 being in the way, and not having to wear masks during the game is a huge advantage. 

Keira Fadden sat down with me to talk about the girls soccer varsity team. 

Sutton News: Let’s start talking about the Girls soccer team. How does it feel to be a part of the team this year?

Keira Fadden: I am honestly excited to be a part of the team. I am the only sophomore on my team which is super exciting. The team itself is such a good group of girls, everyone is so supportive and nice.

Sutton News: Does it feel relieving to not have to wear masks on the team?

Keira Fadden: Yes, It’s better to breathe and to practice and finally return to the regular way of playing soccer.

Sutton News: Do you find your training challenging?

Keira Fadden: It can be challenging but it helps us be better and our coach does such a good job training us for games and getting us prepared. 

Sutton News: What can fans expect to see when they come to the first game? 

Keira Fadden: They can expect to see hard work from us and a very supportive happy team.

When Junior Ruby Adamowicz was asked about a team goal, she confidently stated that, “Our team goal is to win a state title.”

We wish the girls the best of luck as they enter their season.